Monday, 9 February 2009

Friday, 6 February 2009


Many people wonder how Forked Lightning hits a water pipe. They think of it as being inside their homes, shielded by brick and concrete. But if the corporate maintenance cover located outside or in the local road is open during a thunderstorm, it is possible that Forked Lightning may hit it, sensing both the metal and the water inside it.

If it does this it will make all of the metal that is attached to it live for a few seconds before it discharges down a local corporate earth rod. It is why the authorities tell the public not to touch anything made of metal inside their homes, or to use sinks and baths, during a thunderstorm.

About This Blog

I have moved here from my Metal Shield group at Msn, where I also had a group called Scan-007100. I have been thinking about the latter recently, and notably about its Faq in which I explained how Forked Lightning hits a water pipe. One person thanked me for that about which I assume was speaking on behalf of many.

I shall therefore have two headings in addition to this one. The first will be called Metal Shield and I will post my hyperlinks in it that open a media player of my short films about Loch Ness. The second will be called Faq, in which I shall repost that which concerns Forked Lightning.