Monday, 26 July 2010

Post 4

I think it is someone conveying a message. The last message was `Can you catch an arrow (tongue) fired by a crossbow?' The answer was, I'll have to.

Post 3

The first time was before my previous post, and the second time last night. Perhaps they are waiting for someone else.
You have to remember everything that seth. Someone said by television that "I want you to remember." This was a couple of weeks ago. He was addressing the many in the media, and with I those that are whistling. The whistling, I think, is critical as it will auto-interpret at some point as a tongue bearing critical intelligence. So I am waiting out for it.

Post 2

I thought that perhaps part of it might have ejected into one of them, or it might have squirted slug juice into them. So I washed them out before using.
A dark blue hatchback, licence plate as yet unread, has on two occasions waited in a parked position until I come out of the supermarket at night, then it doth a u-turn. A bit odd that, I think, like it used to be in the standing position before they gave me a very good pill to eat. Anyway I'll get its licence plate and a description of the driver and post up here if this continues. Do not watch out for me. What is to stop any of us from going for a walk or buying something else?

This is a church

This that Mr Hollander has plagiarised is not a group of friends at someone's house, it is a church. In the case of the other church, a discussion, it was said afterwards that this was sacred.
(a beat)
I have had to wash out my three saucepans in the last few days after I trod on a slug. The inner solid body section ejected and was motionless, while the outer skin head section was moving. It was horrible. I did the honorable thing and flattened both sections with the sledgehammer. Now I will have to wash that as well. Not all of it, only the solid iron rubberised head part.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Beer (post 7)

What happened to [post 4), has it been deleted for my later remembrance?

Beer (post 6)

Now I must print these. Now I must print these. With a copy to my solicitors, the one that you appointed me. A man is on a mobile phone in a foreign language, it doesn't sound like much, confusion! Good. Now I must print these. Doth you remember when I seth that I needed to ride the bike, and you let me. I don't know who that was. Logic sais say Senior police, that is all. Say senior police, that is all. Don't say anything else, not as a civilian, don't say anything else. Doth you remember when I seth that I had to ride the bike? Well I need to do so again. Not yet, but, in a while.

Beer (post 5)

Only a few years ago I watched the news, alot. There were no problems with it, no problems with what the anchors were saying. But now it is like their knowing if I am on, seconds when I switch on, and I cannot stand it. Where is my toy gun, my man at new scotland yard? Perhaps it is the case that textual, here at the shop, for surely I can use a civilian pc if I want. One with a plastic case, at my home thereof. Like it used to be.

Beer (post 3)

Why doth you make it difficult for me to watch the television? The news I can avoid - it seth it is my bloodstream but I doth not always had this problem, not when I was a teen, a kid! - It is an electronic problem albeit at your end - my doth you know, I got that shielded in a stainless stell frame with 5v buzzing around it, yet you must see the teletype when I turn on, if the news is on, and tell me that their next of kin has been in informed. That's pro yes?

Beer (post 2)

Do you not know Rev, did you not consider, should I respond!, that I once wrote a book and a manuscript, the latter edited at 77 pages got a good response. I think that needs some further editing, not pages wise but content wise, to make it more plausible. The former, spelling wise. People have seen them, people that I sent them to. But it does not matter. I thought that it did, I thought that my assassin would evaporate and maybe he will, but it does not matter. You do what you wish, and I will continue on in the assumption that there are open doors no matter what you do. I watched that program with interest and was annoyed at the whistling at the end. But what the hell. You do what you have to do and I will do what I can do. Your fourth episode looks interesting.


Taking beer is odd, they say that four is on the fringe. Sometimes it's nice to be on that, and to come out of a pub on it. Other times I like to do more. My pills look a little small, like the 5mg ones, I shall have to compare them with some old ones that I have and tell the doctor. A lot of construction workers and the like dressed, illuminous vests etc, are whistling at me. All I know is that they are recognising me my site like someone has told them to do this with a photograph, and they work with major pieces of deep rebar.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Yes said Seeth

"That will be alright won't it?" Said Ir.
"Yes." Said Seeth.

Having said that

But having said that, I have not been anywhere even in this heat. That is not to say that I am thinking about doing so.

Monday, 5 July 2010

In a dream

I still have not been to Oxford (excepting on the internet), and I was at the Loch the other night in a dream.