Monday, 30 March 2009


Shall I blog or shall I remain silent?

Evidently I shalt not blog in such ways as to give out wisdom, unless I shalt choose to do so. And I shalt not blog in such ways as to give out critical intelligence.

And I shalt not blog every day. But what shalt the schedule be?

You knoweth what I hath thinketh . . . merely to typeth words like others do, perhaps is better than storyeth, and who knoweth in what order any plagireth shalt come?

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Cleared Continued

I am reminded of a transaction. How did they know that I would think of it?

Speaking of connections, how could our own connections be any better than what they are, as we have done them under instruction.

Cleared Continued

Ir, it may be that people that can assist us with the doth are likewise being hampered in so doing. It may be that those critical connections are not being made.

Cleared Continued

Then I shall interact with Jack at the place.


I have forgotten what I was going to say
so I shall take it up with you there.

And so I remember! How am I supposed
to make contacts that can assist us with
the doth if I cannot identify myself on-


Ir, I hath cleared Jack (his last name etc is known to me) and he has come aboard. Jack is not his real name. Do not blog anything here that could identify you.

To Ir

Ir, I have shut down the system for a major security check on the firewall. I will see you back at the place.


Ir, that man is not you.


And of course physically. There must be people that have been using their camera phones in the street, but how many of them have captured these dudes on film? We have to capture them so that we can it for our stories.
It is illegal to impersonate a police officer or an intelligence officer.
Shall we assume that these vehicles have puncture proof tyres, and therefore a blow out could not result in their speed taking them onto the pavements?
Shall we assume that they become extremely fearful, or otherwise forgetful, when they get boxed in by civilian cars at the traffic lights?
When a spook approaches one of them.

This is a short film, and this is where we will begin.

But not necessarily the next one.

I am greatly bolstered up by having found that the ambulance drivers have been told by their supervisor Peter Bradley to keep their doors locked. With the exception of the nitrous oxide one. Parked in the mall where al the people are to attend to a man that had been taken ill. The same man, yes?

That man is me isn't it Jack?

* To Ir

* Ir, in what way would they target you?


IR (continued)
It has been quiet all the time that I have been writing this. Has someone told them to back off? Will it start up again now that I have said it? Are those that I hear unmarked civilian cars?
You don't think it is logical that the radio operator (apperently using shielded equipment) is takng calls instructing him or her that Ir is in a certain area and to target him? I do, it looks to me like that is what they are doing and there are many witnesses. I pray to God that there are powerful witnesses that can hack into the system.
We shall continue here.
The people that I used to know were not like this. They did not have this idealogy.


Ir, it is not logical that the driver, even the passenger rado operator, would even have the evenng news about his thinking. He is thinkng of the civilians that might be on the pavements at either side of the road. And of course he is thinking about any civilian vehicles that might be comng round that small bend.

The first of these I agree with you on, but the latter I do not. Like the first CID 1 film we did in snow when there could have been black ice, what if a wide bodied truck was comng around the corner or a bus?

5 minutes later

It is coming yes, little black box? The cause is growing, there are a considerable amount of other people that are thinking like those that began it, and which we have taken up as our own. We cannot be the only ones that have photographs and video clips and sound recordings of those negative people that interact with us on a negative circuit. A hostile one. People that see us using the many available props * may not know what we are doing only that it is some type of street act, but we only need to be explaining it to a few for the cause to grow. I have wondered if that magazine is a local one and not a country-wide one, but logic tells me that it must be the latter. For at one time we were plagiarised by everyone.

At least we have peace and quiet back at the place when we fire up. That loud noise that goes past our houses on the back road just before the 6 pm news starts is an unmarked CID car. Noise that is intened to inform ordinary people that a car is coming fast, so they don't walk out to cross the road between parked cars. I sometimes think that it is remnded me that I ought to watch the news, or that something on it is relevent to them.

Saturday Continued

You are correct! This is good. This is what we will do.

So shall I blog like others do ir shall I remain silent?

I hath been useth vista pcs in Dells, and I am impressed with it. I like vista's appearance, and the way it works. But I find that there are too man icons in Word. I would get used to it I suppose, knowing where the icons are that I often use, such as to click them instantly without looking. *

And I suppose there will be ways to custome it.

I do not wish to be plagiarised by our local computer magazine, so if I decide to continue to blog then it will be here. I am reminded how oppressive that regime of plagirism is.

To Ir

Ir I hath printed the CID2 document. It is good shoppeth that we could not continue it. It is not a script that I want to worketh right now. I suggest that if we are to dialogue we do it in public here or on a yuku board.

Saturday Continued

You may have to wait for the screen to roll down to see this snapshot, from the NHS delivered direct to my inbox while in MS mode. Earlier the pc had a bug. A little bit of intmidation eh Jack? * Spike says that the act is good and we want everyone to do it, even one of your people was doing it. That dude with the hole in his head looks like he's just taken fifteen amps at twenty four hundred volts in the electric chair. Everyone the word FAST is spelled out in letters at the top.

Saturday Continued

I had another heading but I think I shall divert.

Someone said: "Ir, this may remind people of that watch list." Which it may, but that is good as the people that operate the real one are on our side. They use and sell the things that we promote. The things that, if everyone imitates us, will shut down the company.

We are assumint that it is connected to the case.


I met up with Pekme Props today (the driver of the fire engine), and did all of the things that she suggested (there were also ambulance drivers and police cars, and a police van. Despite the major news headlines last night these dudes were turning into my streets. It was tiring but well worth it.

Abel Cane is with me for a little while, as also is Spike and a few of our other characters, his having come here to Southgate on the bus. He seth it was a quiet journey.

We are taking the assumption that this violent and hostile action is connected to the case.

Friday, 27 March 2009


It is odd that I seth shall I blog or remain silent isn't it? Now what shalt I do? I was at investigation site when a glitch gave me two stills, readeth exorcisms. So I got a little story going about my head, which beninneth. And I also got Abel Cane acteth, like Outgoing Data, evangelising everyone. He is really good at it, i seth perhaps he is overdoing it but he is carrying on with the big bags and the ms thing.

Thank you for getting me in at yuku.


I hath created a photo album calleth Stills (still-photos). These are easier to get than video!


Those of you knoweth . . ., there was a lot of activity on Fore Street just now, multiple ambulances, multiple fire engines, multiple police cars, multiple police vans, albeit all operating out of Edmonton Green. Lots of frightened witnesses, and of course stronger ones. I took cover in a 3 pin mains electric trade counter lighting shop for 30 minites, switched to MS mode (Military Standard), and tested the shops security.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

11th March 2009?

I have been wondering if I should blog, like others do. Or shall I remain silent? I had a medical check today in Highgate (formerly it was Marelebone) - which is good - and the corporate and emergency service vehicles were all over me, not however with their sirens on as I confronted the first of them, which decided not to turn into my street. I was led to an earth bonding site by a man in the shop, I did not of course have to go to it, and during that process words came to me that I had also been thinking about. All had been silent for about an hour and a half such that one would hear a pin drop. The words were: "You can do this on the fly, but so can I." As I thought this and was about to come here and write it, an emergency vehicle siren went off. The area is Southgate.