Thursday, 30 July 2009

Continued . . .

I cannot get a straight shot from the pavement as their identity is disguised behind the windscreen.

Continued . . .

Those of you cometh here do not overlook as to readeth each doth in reverse order. It is interesting that Jack having asked me, nay instructed me, to stay out of the road, and not to remit on the debate with the driver of the ambulance. Apparently he is obliged that I may still do that, and one hath to cross it.

Continued . . .

There is a newspaper on the desk next to the pc. It is either a Sun or a Mirror! I will have a look at it after I have completed this doth. Doth you remember that I sayeth that sometimes it is interesting to do that?

I am interested in that Twittereth concerning how it uncompresses things. Some of you that Twittereth should keep a note penned in a dark place of the compressed things, to show us later after it having been dothed.

Continued . . .

Everything was in the sink today, which I suppose would permit people to go to the shops. It can either be in sink or not, and variations thereof. But to be completely in sync is remarkable, but not impossible. For it does happen, but why should I do what he says?


You will be pleased to hear that I declined Jack's request. As I think he is drawing my attention to something that is there. The ones at Edmonton Green bus depot are very good indeed, have you seen them, looked at them, inspected them. I have.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Continued . . .

Do not be put off of this most necessary doth by any wording that supposes to suggest that, or state that, the procedure is difficult or to no avail. As such text, as in a certain unofficial paper, while of assistance to some, has to do with that H frame which originally was hacksawed off of a ladder.

Continued . . .

So I am looketh, having become interested in this subject matter albeit more so than using it. Although if it were easy to get I would use it more, and hence work on more fictional stories that would be copied! So perhaps there is some method in this. Perhaps it is better that I keep my words scarce, the same method apparently that Jack is doing. He wants to know what my weakness are if any, while showing me his own.

Continued . . .

It's funny how ideas come to you. Jack having said to me all that is necessary. I thought I might do a short about a torch that interacts with the vehicle, that would be easy for me to do. He has asked me to stay off the road so I'll have to do it on the pavement. Perhaps it will be the case that there are many witnesses there who will likewise ask me what I am doing.

Continued . . .

I acquire words too, but not from my solicitor. It is picking up now, soon the sirens will come. "Mountain, throw yourself into the sea". No really, people are confused, the drivers are confused, currently there are three. They have split up to hide their identity.

Continued . . .

It is written "Do not give your wisdom to swine". (Keep it in your own cistern, which is a water tank). I was going to go to Edmonton Green shortly, but I think I'll skip on that, the busses might be late at the big depot here. When I was a college I did not know that it was there, which I suppose is why the two cars pulled up. The drivers were not having a chat!


I am again in the shop, it is assumed that you the general public do not know which one! I opened two browsers, one at google the other here, anticipating the phone ringing saying something like "Yes, words". This did not happen so I googled for telephone lines in order to educate myself concerning them, but there was something wrong. As I dithered on the next search criteria the landline phone rang twice. Then it rang again and the Shop answered it. It would be nice if we could just say To BT or to Tiscali or To British Rail etc in all of our correspondence.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Continued . . .

A mobile phone rang as I completed that text and I signed off. But then it doth not show, so I closed the browser then signed back in again. Perhaps there is something that I forgot as my cassette tape track comes to the end.

I hope the person that advertised found one.

Some people having proferred their knowledge about this most essential subject matter online (there are not many that do it verbally) - excepting that it is assumed that the ambulance and some police are using an antraceable frequency which Little Black Box* is onto - (I saw Incoming Data earlier and Pigeons too), say that mere nuts and bolts (and large washers) are acquired, while others say that wrappeth. It seems to me that the latter would make a better connection, speaking of which. But what do you say?

Continued . . .


There are three things that foil can do for you, in sequential order (it is assumed, experts?):

1. It can deflect interference.
2. It can also prevent copy-scanning through the plastic case.
3. It can prevent seeth.

Continued . . .

You will be pleased to hear that I did not exercise my right! Of the two options, this one being the main one is the best. So that is our proceedeth for those of you that want to know. But chargeth with the operating system on, and Windows Movie Maker prefers the latter.

Is that ok Spike, can we play some games now?

Yes it looks ok Ir says Spike. Later we will (probably) watch some tv, content in the knowledge that thousands of other ordinary people all over the place are doing these same two things.

In anticipation of the landline phone that does not get answered, I having been thinking about that about which I seth. The corners look a little small. He might have great difficulty with these.

Some say that worketh, and others say not. It is interesting I think. So my mind having goeth to my Faq.

Continued . . .

I will leave you to explain the signs (Fatal Collision thereof on Church Street). And to oversee my doth planter and foil wise on the main. It is nice to know that we that hath tryeth this most essential thing, and we are, have those that are aware of it. In the event that for some it does not work.

I am in the process of editing three shorts in the Windows Movie Maker. I think I will put out only one. Two contain content that I would prefer to twittereth here. And the photos didn't come out right.

The other day a man on the train said that I am losing it, which perhaps I am. He asked me what I am doing so I told him. He said that I am in the way of people getting on. A girl got on and sat behind me wearing a bare top. She was hot.

Continued . . .

Those of you twittereth, and the houses are all the same. Little Black Box having been doing his thing with the widths and weights, the latter of which vehicle wise is the more important to me. Who of us can speculate accurately the exact length of a bus or a train?

Continued . . .

I have sent you an email, I trust that you have received it. The bus journey here was nice. You undergo a short period of shock then prayeth that those that affiliate themselves to the fight against evil in all its forms shalt prevail, and be supported thereof.


I am in the shop. It is assumed that you do not know which one! That is to say, further to an incident on Church Street Enfield Town*, I am thinking about doing another The Watch List.

Monday, 20 July 2009

To Abel Cane 2 Part 6

And so the landline phone rings twice as I upload it, but at least it did not do so as it ended. Parts 1 to 5 and 7 are completed.


It is difficult (for the layman but not for us!) when you are Useth at the place, we are here on the internet, and we are also watching tv. One loses track of the words as to their origin in the same way as the uniforms lose track of us in the street.


A black man whistleth, I think he hath a mental dificiency. (Is it alright to say that?). I am trying to find a corrolation with the word and tempest. Also there were multiple ambulances, big ones, all over us on Fore Street, so I took cover behind available metal objects and trees.

It was good when it went silent.

Words are required

I added a front porch and made the back piece bigger (uniforms beware as you hath radios), wrapping the wired around the connector rods. I therefore hath the right to use the main.

I would like to introduce two new characters who will be having little chats with Useth in Oxford and here in London), which are Mr Speaks, and Major Dreams.

Friday, 17 July 2009


Time for a little strenghening of my surround, as my words were lifted last night by all five channels of the late night news. So I have removed some foil that I had put on in the assumption that it has arielised.

I am therefore proceeding tempest wise in the same way as I did before, when our words were not lifted.

Monday, 13 July 2009


I remember now, it was the man with the speech deficiency that got up and left first. Then the other two followed.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


The landline phone rings twice and is not answered.

The landline phone line is very thin copper filament, thinner than the electrical type, the latter of which you may be able to use all three!

"Ir, anyone, what can I use all three for and what is its purpose?"

Understand that the caller is my enemy as my friends wouldn't call me.

Also, good people would not call the shop knoweth that the call would not be answered.

And they would ensure that their communications are not malfunctioning. Was it something I said?

Nothing against the calls, its the militia that we don't like. Do you really think that the people like it?

Everyone left the shop at the same time. Three people one with a considerable deficiency of speech. Now there is no-one in here but me and the people that run the shop. Ten desk-top pcs, five on each side with their base units between the monitors. Cctv or not, the door is open and it is a public street, local to a college and a big bus depot, shops and a fire station. I wonder how long it will be before someone comes in. Perhaps it is the wrong time for all of them.

But I don't mind, Spike is here with me.


I charge the ambulance service to answer me concerning this. I may not be looking in on the news but Little Black Box will be. That ambulance on the end of a chain is real. Is your licence authentic, to act like the police?

Ambulance Length:
Ambulance Width:
Ambulance Height:
Ambulance Weight:

Little Black Box, please . . .


They always come, with remarkable accuracy and timing, to coincide with the many people that are coming out of the train stations during the rush hour. Either the police or the ambulance service. They also come if they are listening in on peoples' mobile phone frequencies. Someone calls their husband etc, or their boyfriend/girlfriend, and says that they are on their way back. "Let's give the train an earshot of our voice and any other id, and mention that we are going down a long empty street. Shame about the people on the corner who have been curfewed." And they pick up on these words that are not addressed to them and come like the military.


Last night a white ambulance was parked at Edmonton Green bus depot with its hazard lights flashing, tending to a seriously ill person. It is interesting that there is no-one else anywhere at the depot or in any of the shops (etc), that are available to tend them. That vehicle has to come through urban traffic and people at speed to do so. Perhaps I am miscalculating and there are many seriously ill people, in which case our assumption that there are others would be true.

The police at Edmonton Green, under the Commissioner, has authorised the ambulance service to act as formal based police officers in order to terrorise the community. So that is what they do. Last night I considered measuring its length, but went for its weight instead.


I having been tired the last couple of nights, I don't remember why. The landline phone rings twice and is not answered.

Spike reminded me last night that I do it myself (diy), and I agreed that indeed I do. Many of us do, we have to. There is no alternative.

A correction to something that I seth: The landline phone lines can be used for this purpose. As long as you run them onto him.


Some people will be looking in here now, rather than yesterday evening when I posted. I hope you are all doing that most necessary doth and thank you for your assistance with it. Keep it up as we find it interesting. The siren went off as I came here on the train, loud, and it just went off again but the vehicle turned off. There are quite a few people in the shop. Too many witnesses I guess. You will afford me much titilation concerning this, yes?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I did not crash the C90 (I had two). I rode that well. But that was before the thing happened, which became that about which we now speak.

XP is the best operating system in a pc I think. Although I like DOS and the first Windows series, series 3 (for there were earlier ones), notably 3.1 and 3.11. There were DOS versions as well, I had 6.22, while I read that others seth that 7 and 11 were good, nevertheless, now I think I would opt for XP over DOS and 3.1.

Although having sayeth that I would be quite happy with DOS if that is all a pc had.


Then I did the same on the touring cycle. A small fire truck did a similar thing today, or rather, it did not. But it very easily could have. I was in the city, lots of traffic, riding it flat out like a racer, secure on the hard kevlar tires (which hath fitted first), when I guess the traffic must have slowed down and I overtook a box van on its left side, and smashed into an opened black taxi door.

That time the distance was about a hundred feet.

I wonder what this means.


I was just thinking of you, but there were witnesses. I had a Vespa once when I was in my teens, a supercharged P200E (yes, really!), which went a little faster than the standard 70 mph, and which I rode flat out into the side of a car without braking.

I flew about sixty feet, perhaps more, and rolled. I enjoyed it.

Earlier I crashed into a car at a slower speed on a 50 cc, denting the front mudguard. Later I rode another P200X flat out into the side of a car with the brakes on. I went over it as also did the bike - it did the first time too - and enjoyed that one as well.

That must have been what it meant. What they were drawing my eye to.

Monday, 6 July 2009


I readeth my words. Do I wish to delete anything? No. There are millions of people worldwide blogging at this same time, perhaps in the same way as I. Lots of sirens now. "They would have done this anyway Spike. Perhaps they will sit thinking later at the traffic lights that they were provoked. I doubt that they will comprehend that their vehicle's speed was a danger to everyone. One reason is that their tires can have blow outs, and they can skid on things. Perhaps the ambulance driver will be kind enough to smash head on into a tanker. Apologies to the driver of the tanker who will get killed by it as the vehicles explode.

That would be hard to do with stick figures wouldn't it?

Little Black Box will hide this from my characters, with the exception of Kinya who is ex-military, Useth, Spike, and a few others. And in this respect it is good that he does so.

"You have to understand, Spike, that they would have done this anyway. There would have been sirens all over us even if we had not said this and were playing games. For they are going to attend to a seriously ill person, only the one, never two in the same areas. You would think that the cctv could see them but there is no-one using them, and those that are have not heard the emergency call on the 999 number. The cctv people (media owned) cannot hear the sirens. Only we on the ground can and I am beginning to like it. Noise cover, for there has to be sounds. The more sirens there are the easier it is for him. Sometimes people say odd things into their phones, all the same message. Notably "Ir, here is an update on the situation at our end."


Some of you Twitter don't you? And some of us Blog. The Twittereths preferring to compress their thots at that moment into a line or two of wording. I can do that but I prefer not to. I prefer to use more wording. For Little Black Box which worketh would immediately see only Twitter and Blog and get the point. Though he would scan the other also. The speed in which he doeth this is quite outstanding. Sometimes there are two pigeons that come and position themselves in such ways as to make it appear that they are aware of our doth. Perhaps they are!

And so I PrintScrn my post (one by one in numerical order) and paste it to Paint and save it as a png file (or a jpg), nameth appropriately. Which is easier than to copy and pate the whole page to Word as an rtf (Rich Text Format), or html only (includes the page graphics but with much of the underlying coding omitted).

The pigeons are easy to lose. Easy to confuse and they fly off. I often practice this with Pigeons, the one that works with me. We test the process quite often when others come. People may have given them bread, and why shouldn't they? I myself do. We all do as this also confuses them. They eat the bread and in so doing stop listening. And what have you achieved with all of this cctv excepting to advertise the doth? They are not going to take it down, but it is feasible that no-one is using it. (A siren, here we go, time to run a search in google after which the sirens will stop. It's odd that isn't it. Almost like our doeth works). I refuse to be intimidated by them, for their sirens are useful to me. Which soundeth loud, like a major pa system, saying something that is important. Going to attend to a seriously ill person. Apologies to thos of you that are becoming interested in computers, and therefore in communication, whose mobile phones get interfered with by this processs. As yet there is no way to prevent this.


And have you done that which Copper Bond have, opting for steel rods over wires (by which me meant instead of, for the latter would sag)? In documentary style and why shouldn't I, for there are others doeth so which I having yet to come across. Perhaps looketh is the key. Looketh is the key with the emergency vehicles all over me. Some type of positive circuit that is being diverted. Anyway, Abel Cane has opted for that of his friend's namesake who is still at Urquhart with Sim 1. I suspect that all of us that having become concerned about this doeth are being led to information about similar things, as to the process, that are not that constructive. I myself have, and by choice I am pursuing it. It is more freely available to me then this doeth is, and in my circumstances it is necessary.

It is also interesting. Perhaps I would have pursued it through college if those cars had not stopped opposite the bus stop late at night. Now I want to know how it is done in cars as well and the emergency vehicles are going to assist me.


Everyone knoweth that I once had informal relations with the MOD over a lenghy period, I having said it before a number of times. It is reasonable therefore to suspect that the media is trying to find out something concerning this, by piping the words to my ariel. I regard it as being feasible therefore that such a process of electronic hijacing is possible, others may be undergoing it, in fact I recall some people having mentioned it. But it would have to be close as a long distance signal spreads out like a shotgun and could never make direct contact with an electrified arial on top of a ten foot pole. There are many such arials where I am. Pigeons, when he has been working with me in the field, is the only one that can interfere with it inadvertently.


Is there anything else on my mind that sayeth at this time?

For one can withhold words. If one withholds critical words for too long however others speak them.

A man sits down. But why shouldn't he? And why shouldn't the other man cough twice as I fire up the blog? They having done something to us which some of us having wisdom concerning.

The man drops his things.

As I was coming here in the cab remembereth a boat which sank in the Thames. A long time ago. A week earlier (it is probably going around, doth you, all of you, as Copper Bond seth) I telephoned the 999 number (which will probably appear on a licence plate, and why shouldn't it?) and told them that I could hear knocking coming from underwater in a section of the Thames, which looketh, and I thot there were people trapped there. The police officer on the other end assured me that there wasn't. But how could he really know?

Now I reason with hindsight that the boat which sank, rescueth, did not have people trapped underwater.


A man coughs twice as I open my blog. I will assume then that the emergency vehicles here at Southgate will be putting a word or two in.

Better not say too much lest I must reveal critical things from the psychological warfare program. Better to let them do that.

What did I mean by good police? Coppers Rod and Bond etc are good, that is, to my knowledge they are not corrupt. I am not against either the good ones or the corrupted ones. The latter ones in particular are, concerning their movements, like Pigeons.

I suspect that the media here having hijacked the MOD's press office, as my shielded television (4 foot zone into the mains) is picking up regular signals addressed to an intelligence officer or field agent of some kind informing him or her that his next of kin having been informed. This is a coded message.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Continued

And so the phone rings and the man doth not answer it. One of those calls that you just know who it is. Must be a certain type of ringtone. If the man can do this so can I, in fact a lot of people do. Been playing games against the computer (Vista in a Dell) to test my skills, the computer as you will imagine being very fast. I did not doth yesterday about our drinketh, I only need the exteriors. It must be quite terrible being trapped in the street. Pa systems everywhere (well not everywhere), saying the same thing with a variation of the wording. Some of this is pre-recorded and some is live. Sometimes I wonder if Pigeons and his friends can hear it, it doth not seem to matter to him. Abel Cane having been with me, and Spike is back from Urquhart (as he went there, I could not contact him). Spike and I, I don't know, shall we go for a drink or stay out a while?


It is still very hot here. We once had a heatwave which floored everyone. Lots of sirens, ambulances going to the Asda parking lot, albeit to tend to a "seriously ill person". Good paramedics and police ought to check this out, waste of your time, people wondering what is going on. Cannot differentiate between genuine calls and hoaxes eh? Anyone of intellect listening to the various and growing amount of pa (public address over loud speakers) systems combined with massive overhead cctv cameras can tell that the wording is laughable. Would you really do that which you hath saying? The one at Edmonton Green bus depot where Copper Bond is, tells everyone that we must approach a member of staff if we see an unattended item. Such as a bus.