Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Use of Pictures

In Doth - At The Loch 1 which I uploaded here some time ago, I made use of a photograph of Urquhart Castle for which I asked permission. Also, again with permission, another photograph was used a little. It has been on my mind since then, on and off, that I said to both people whose photographs they are, that I would use their photos in these doths, and I have not done so yet.

The reason for this is because the script of Doth - At The Loch 2 is still being written, and I have left off it for a while to write and complete Scottish Salmon, with a doth of it also being done as a slightly different story.

When I get around to working on Doth - At The Loch 2 again I will be setting some of my scenes at the castle using the photographs that I have permission to use.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Refreshing My Blog

Just dropping in to refresh my blog. As you know I have an alternative blog where I make textual posts now and again, which is at . The next thing I post here will be the condensed version of Scottish Salmon that I am currently doing the oblong template pictures for. With the main script, being longer in dialogue, going out to literary agents.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Latest Doths (for my CV)

Below are my two latest doths: Doth - 1&2 Art & Critique, and Doth - At The Loch 1. Watch them at your pleasure, I hope they show right the way through, they're within the ten minute slot. I will be adding them to my DVD in due course for my CV. Doth - At The Loch 2 is being scripted along with a number of other doths.

Doth - 1&2 Art & Critique

Doth - At The Loch 1

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Sometimes I wonder how a child plays. If you buy them a digger, how do they spend hours with it? But I think I know the answer for it is the same as us. They must create fantasy sets and push it around in it.

Last night I went to the freehouse and had three pints, it was what I was going to have. I had another one then, as is always the case, as the glass emptied with an inch or so to go, someone called or psychically alerted the emergency services to go past to corrupt the set as I would make my way to the bus stop, saying "Ir, again there are things that you have missed which you will see and interact with if you stay and buy another one. I have learned this now, it is quantum physics. The people that came in were nice. The three whistlers were interesting, each one doing so on the way out (a siren, what is it with these aluminium foil shielded desktops hmmm?), which invoked mental exercises to establish the quantum mechanics that revealed intelligence. But I suspect, apart from them being cops, that (they do not carry handcuffs when wearing civilian clothes) that the mental exercises would be accurate anyway, that it would reveal intelligenge anyway, and that it would reveal quantum mechanics anyway. Excepting that it permits me to home in on  and to pinpoint things.

It became very noisy at the time got late, and a security guard apparently there as an anchor for people to move around, prompted me to do a second set of exercises. I think it is a part of who I am now. It would probably be boring to be sitting there in ignorance like a lot of people, or as those who think the security guard could do anything other than to observe as a man got into a car.

What is it with these things. Do you think he really does that or is he exploiting weaknesses?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday 27th May 2011

Those of you looketh will be pleased to hear that I have completed the doth except for the credit list. I imagine it will be another week before we attempt upload for the maximum ten minute slot. I have enjoyed the four months that we spent doing it, with the two sets of set design, and the difficult things that had to be overcome such as numerous pastings on top of color regions. As I may have said previously, some of the 36 scenes each took four weeks to do. So hold your breath and wish us well for the upload. we have put all the scenes into the Windows Movie Maker and they are on the timeline, which switcheth, and we have to - yes we have to do that as well - bring each scene in at 15 seconds, 12 seconds, or 10 secons respectively to complete it at 9.5 minutes.

Our numerous scripts are taking shape, and I suppose we will of course immediately begin work on the sequel doth.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) 3rd May 2011 Post 1 of 1

It won't be long now. I'm battling fatigue and a generalised tiredness that does not require sleep. There are three scenes to go, I already have the text. When you paist the characters in, one of them that is a 3d model loses pixels around the edge which have to be manually corrected by moving thin lines into place against it. So I have to do this three times. I shall upload my pride and joy after a little while, I know that you are all expecting. Anticipating and eager to see that which we have done. To see if it is CV applicable. Also have a look at my site Loch Ness In Oxford homepage, and you will know what the links are.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) 2nd May 2011 Post 1 of 1

I did not want to post here until I had uploaded my doth. As I have added to forums to my Action Against site, which site name is appropriate in more ways than one (i.e. Action Against inactivity etc). The first called Comments where I incorrectly included a bit about a potential and wish to get together with other people, and the second called Notes where I continue this and add that I am putting a CV together that I can present to Literary Agents in due course. So go there and read that if you want to, and follow my posts and other peoples' posts at the Mental Health Forum, or if like I you think that my saying that at this time is wishful thinking, then do not do so and just follow my text here. The current stats suggest that it would be better for me to do my texting here. Also, having added these two forums to the Action Against site, I am not happy that they are on that site. But I shall continue to add more forums there in anticipation that there are some people who might potentially get together with who are interested in both subject matters, or who are willing that the first subject matter is to be included. My Comments will be at my thread at the Mental Health Forum first, then I will copy it over there.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Casting My Bread - 27-4-11 - Post 1 of 1

Continuing the Casting My Bread saga, I have been going to the Mental Health Forum recently which seems to me to be a better place than my own new board Against Illegal Actions by NHS And Police (or words to this effect), which instead of a testimonies board shall become an information one. I will probably put a certain amount of information on it over a long period of time then leave off for a while, leaving it to do its thing as a small site. So I will add more boards to it of interest, make my own posts and see if anyone joines and replies. This feedback that I got seems to imply that the amount of people with testimonies would be minimal, i.e. a hanful and not a big amount. Which would confirm that the ambulance service does not have available vehicles to carry out such a task.

I will be making comments on some of the webpages whose hyperlinks have been given at the Mental Health Forum, in my own intelligent way with accuracy not unlike that of an MI5 proof reader, but you know I am only playing a part. It surprises me that the people that say this to us the public at their websites overlook things that to me are in plain view as though emphasied in bold text. So I will be commenting on this to see if in any way it is helpful. Albeit not to change law but to change people in Governement's thoughts concerning it.

I am currently working on some scripts about court dialogue, about the same with supernatural content by my MI5 agent CPA Process and an CIA agent Ampage Watts, and I am in the process of completing a 37 scene doth called Doth - At The Loch 1, which will be uploaded here in a few weeks.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 5th April 2011 Post 1

The police have asked me to give you an update concerning what the current situation is between the NHS and myself and perhaps a hanful of others in the Edmonton areas. The Citizens Advice Bureau has sent a letter to them asking for me to be separated from that community as was the case immediately before I met Anselem, and for 9 years previously. We are currently awaiting their confirmation that they will do this, at the same time as our Prime Minister has said that the NHS is listening for information and feedback (words mine) from the public concerning his new changes. It is logical that this must include to the Mental Health law.

For the last two nights I have been attempting to copy and paste a gothic type window from one picture file to another, which is at an angle so has curved and a slightly pointed section. There is no facility in the Paint.Net program to draw a curved line accurately to allign with it. I have tried doing it with a circle, the circle select, and by drawing a curved line. After trying this for two days, I realised last night that it can be easily done by filling in the base picture section, then copying the window and a color surround on top of it on a layer, then by deleting the color surround. I am expecting the window to appear in the base surround, i.e. a wall, as to fit it accurately.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Two Doths 28 Feb 11

Doth - Time Spent At The Loch

I having some issues at my photobucket so I having uploaded these moving story-boards here.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) 25th February 2011 - Post 1

Things take place in the courts which the orginary person does not know anything about. They might wonder when reading something in a newspaper or watching something on the television news why this or that happened. Even in special courts things take place that make it necessary of the defendent to assume responsibility over that which their defence solicitors are saying. For they cannot do anything there without their client's permission.

Is it still taking place today?

Re an email to Natasha: Natasha, I note that you have omitted wording that the Magistrate has power to section in this case. So I will keep my mind focussed on that.

Those of you that feel able to address the doctors and judges involved in your or other peoples cases, or circumstances before it goes to the courts, ought to write your emails and letters like this:

Dear Mr Potter,

As you were the first person I met after being detained by Anselem Ekeh back in 2009 it seems from my record, I wonder if you would like an opportunity to comment on that matter. I am looking into it and the circumstances surrounding it in some considerable detail, as I and other people would like to know exactly what took place and why.

Re my email to you on Friday December 18th 2009 headed Lawrence Potter - 1.

The actions implemented against me on that occasion by Anselem Ekeh and what appears to be the Haringey Police Liason Unit was a bit over-the-top, I think. It was not necessary for ten doctors and police to come to my house dressed up in riot gear, as they had no evidence or suspician against me. Indeed one of the doctors that interviewed me at Chase Farm said that "We have no evidence that you have done anything wrong."

I am investigating this matter in some detail for the purpose, as I have proposed, to prosecute Anselem Ekeh in due course.

Do you have any comments that you would like to give me that would help me to clarify what took place and why?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) 24th February 2011 - Post 2

Those of you that want to know what this police unit is that carry out acts of violence at the request of social workers, can have a look at them here. Note the url at top in your browser, and also note the type face. I saved it to disk and left it as it is without converting it to something more readable. It is a bit odd, as is the wording at the end. (Highlight the link with mouse, copy and paste it to the top of browser, and press return):

Citing the text (bold words my emphasis):

Cash Boost allows Trust to Extend Haringey Police Liaison Scheme
The Haringey Police Liaison Scheme started in July 2005 based on a pan-London model.

Following the success of the service, extra funding has been provided by Haringey Safer and Stronger Communities Fund to extend the hours of the scheme. The service provides a mental health assessment for adults in custody with mental health problems, which is carried out by a forensic CPN.

May 2007

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 24th February 2011 - Post 1

I have received an email reply from my solicitor in Walthamstow. A fee is required to retrieve the information that I had requested. I then thought that as I have that information somewhere in my case files, I ought to look for it myself to save me considerable expense, probably considered small or affordable by some. So this I will do. I had thought that the three dates when the arrests were made were required for a letter-document that I have written called `Propsal to Prosecute. It is 4 pages long and is intended to be given to a prosecution solicitor, another legal body, or direct to the judges in the courts. It includes my comprehensive background CV as a list. I am confident that the legal people will be impressed by it, as I have surprised myself in its writing. However, as it turns out the three dates of those arrests are not required for this document.

Instead a little exchange of emails yesterday and today with my defence solicitor has suggested that the better procedure for me to take at this time, is to write a letter to the police alleging that violent action against me and my property, and request them to submit it to the Crown Prosecution Service. So I will be doing that in due course. The three dates of the arrests, and the date when I first me Anselem Ekeh will be required for that, along with that court employee's name that I want, which I can retrieve from my case files.

I have sent more emails today than I have ever sent before since I first went on the internet in 1998. I have sent one to the correspondent at the Department of Health, one to the Chief Executive of the NHS, and one to the local Safer Neighbourhood Police. Now I am going to do some research concerning that elusive police unit in google. If anyone knows what the name of it is and where it is located in Edmonton, please let me know at the message board that I go on.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 19th February 2011 - Post 2

Casting My Bread posts Saved & Printed to here.

I have pasted all of the Casting My Bread posts to Word, have saved it to disk in three formats and a .html file, and have printed it for a prosecution lawyer to read. It began on the 25th January 2011 according to this blog record.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 19th February 2011 - Post 1

It was all quiet in the shop, only a couple of people taking that I was not really aware of. All quiet outside. It is 10.08 am. I opened Internet Explorer and proceeded over five minutes to log in to this blog, my email account, and three message boards that I go on. It makes it easier to switch between them using the mouse, or to re-open them, if you use only the one browser. I used to have two or three Internet Explorer's open at the same time. One of the message boards, the second one, a Multiply one, which is often very slow, stalled during the process and took five minutes of its own not loging in. So I refreshed it then it logged in. At that precise moment the telephone rang twice.

I am beginning to think that it is something electronic.

Some of you lawyers looking in here will see that something has been digging at my mind to corrupt that which was at one time a firm believer in the faith, and also in the law. Nevertheless, of the two options that I have, to wear ear-pieces with the music loud enough to block such things out, or to not do so and hear it for its potential to give me wisdom or intelligence, I prefer the latter.

I know now that, as Little Black Box said and demonstrates to me, that it has to do with things being precise. The way these things are said or make themselves heard in my immediate ear shot is so precise that it is emphasising this word.

It is how I want it to be word-wise in the court room.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 4

I have saved quite a few posts and replies to posts that are written by Speed. The wording is interesting.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 3

Medical Volunteers Wanted
Register For The Latest Medical Trials. Financial Reimbursement!
Ads by Google.

If man is sending: Why take the risk of giving me this information? Note the word `trials' and `financial reimbursement'.

If pc is doing it, evididently is is continuing to assist me word wise.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 3

A man starts whistling, then a man comes in and asks to use a terminal, not a pc which are the initials of police officer. His mobile phone rings, he answers it and says: "Yes we receved it. Yes mate." etc.

Now he speaks again. "I'm in Edmonton (so am I). For another hour. I'm in an internet cafe upstairs." He is waiting for another call, it will be the third one. Let's stick with that in another context.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 2

I wrote my reply email to the DH correspondent and am now awaiting a reply, it has been several days. I thought that email correspondence was meant to be quick, as that which I said seems to me could be answered quickly as off the top of the head. But it seems not. The phone rang twice and no-one answered it. I am wondering if my correspondent there has received it. I sent an accompanying letter concerning the absent date, but later saw that my email cc does in fact have the date on it at the far right hand side. The DH, perhaps my correspondent doing so in person rather than someething automated, sent me an automated-type-of-reply back with the reference number which acknowledges receipt of it. But I do not know which one. I am assuming correspondent or office sent auto manually as in person to acknowledge receipt of both. It would be silly of them to send two.

On Wednesday 16th February 2011 I posted a letter to the manager of the Community Health Services in Fore Street concening Anselem Ekeh by recorded delivery, and on Thursday the 17th February 2011 I hand-delivered a copy of it to them and ask them to give it to the manager, it was in a marked envelope. A pop up says printer problem, but I am not printing I am posting on my blog.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 1

Those of you that read those 8 significant posts that I made here on Friday 11th February 2011, let me know on the message board that I go on, if there was a post 1. I had a look back in older posts at bottom just now and post 1 appears to be missing. Let me know there what it said, and the text will return to me as long as it was not too long. This will save me from having to recover it from my files.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 16th February 2011 - Post 2

After a time.

I have began a message board upon which there is only 1 post so far, notably mine, but I will be adding the hyperlink to my flyers and information sheets, along with a second post pasted from the 8 posts here that I have cited, which gives some info about my background. Go and have a look at it here, I hope you can see it (paste into browser and press return):

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 16th February 2011

Last night, through the early hours, (I have been going to bed at around twelve), we completed our doth at 124 pages. The salmon has reached Enfield Town having succeeded in his mission, he learned quickly, and was excellent in everything that he did and said. I am very pleased with the work of all of our characters that were involved in it, and those that played extras as the antagonists. The next step with this will be to install Final Draft 7 and copy-type the doth scenes into it. Then after that we read and edit it, finalise it, copyright it, and send letters concerning it to agents. And are we going to do it? You bet we are!

We have immediately began another doth which has a similar theme, and will include bits and pieces from it while reminescing about the first doth and our time spent at the loch. It has been like, from time to time throughout our writing of it, that the loch and Urquhart and the castle and Inverness has asked us to be given a mention, so we did. And we went to the lake where the fishing trip is, and we went to Oxford where Copper Rod, Bits, and Useth is, in their trailer near the wood, waiting for the next part of this ongoing story.

In this second doth we have written twelve pages, and it is mainly potential court scenes, a combination of a defence case and a prosecution one, being heard in a special court at Enfield Crown Court. The dialogue is very good, almost like it is coming from someone that is experienced in taking such prosecution cases. And includes characters such as COURT SOLIITOR, JUDGE, HIS PROSECUTION LAWYER etc.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 15th February 2011 - Post 3

Reader take note, this is the third post today. There are two headings below that are the same. You must read from the first one.

Anselem Akeh states in handwriting on a pre-typed or word processed letter:

I am writing to inform you that a CPA Review appointment has been booked for you to meet with a doctor and myself (your Care Co-ordinator) on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at 10.30 at the above address.

The wording continues in two paragraphs that would be brought into question in the court room, both a prosecution one and a defence one, and ends with:

I look forward to seeing you on this date.

The words `a doctor' strongly implies that he has been told by Hm that she is leaving at the end of February. And will write a long detailed letter for me to say `was initially willing to make own appointment after six months' etc, `but is now unwilling for his own legal reasons'. However it is possible, but I think unlikely, that Anselem Ekeh was told this by Hm, that she was leaving, the `a doctor' not referring to any particular doctor as I had discussed with Hm, but had not at that point been told by Hm to back off. This will become established when I have a closer look at the dates.

I will be beginning my prosecution document for solicitor with a photocopy of this letter, which will be page 1.

I have began the process of putting flyers around, handing them to people. This is better than to put them up on public display where people protecting Anselem will take them down.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 15th February 2011

The letter may have been sent before Hm told him to stay away from me. So while I am giving the both of them (and anyone involved) the benefit of the doubt - a process that will permit me not to dwell on it - I have to study what the dates are. The letter is dated the 1st February 2011, it has a reference number, I do not recall seeing these before. If I find therefore that this letter was written after Hm told him to stay away from me, I will have no choice but to report him to the police at Edmonton by recorded letter to say that he is acting independently. Police take note that I have considered - in the traumatic fight process - buying a powerful air gun.
I would not carry it, but I would have it in a rack inside the door, loaded with pellets.

I am not a fighter, so a weapon would be required to defend myself and my property if he comes to my house. The better weapon to use would be a gun, not a knife or something.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 15th February 2011

I have let my mail pile up, that which may be addressed to me. But as is always the case I decided to open them and have a look when a police siren went off. I think it has something to do with the trauma caused by that when they were first violent towards me at my house back in 2002, thereby now facilitating it for me to open my mail and read it because the associated same milder trauma that it causes me serves as a support.

I have to read my mail these days because my solicitor at Walthamstow may prefer to write me a letter instead of to answer my questions by email. But none of the mail was from them.

The anticipation that mail may be from Amselem Ekeh is always a cause of trauma. Lp acknowledged that it is not right that one who has been violent towards me should come to my house. I go further, as indeed others in various cases may already have done, and say that he ought not send me any mail. The more so now that Hm has told him not to do so, having taken him off my case. I was shocked therefore to have read one from him today, an hour before I came out, taking my bag of flyers with me, which contained a typed letter concerning him addressed to my landlord posted by recorded delivery.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011 - Post 4

After a few hours.

I have printed each of the emails that I have sent to the various people and places, and the one that the DH has sent to me. I have also been given - by another one of those audio assistants - a very good header and message for a flyer (a sheet of paper that can be put around), and have printed out thirty five sheets. The first batch had one spelling error in the copyright date at bottom, but that does not matter. The second batch corrected this.

Now what do I do with them? Blackmail the Edmonton Community Mental Health Services, the local Safer Neighborhood Police, and my defence solicitors at Walthamstow? I'll keep them at the place for a bit while I continue with the enquiry. The next time I go to Walthamstow I'll take them with me and give a copy to the solicitor. Whether the flyers also go around in that area will be up to them.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011 - Post 3

I am going to include Miss Speed - for Speed is a woman if memory serves me re an exchange of email, and is married to a solicitor husband in America - in my doths from here on as a character name, who is always late. To assit me with this I am in the process of studying her posts and replies to posts at the message board that we go on, and am saving them to disk. In the absence of a reply from her to my invitation to explain to me why she crashed my thread, I take ownership of everything that she has said. Sue me but she has the right to contact a solicitor, or her husband can email me or pm me (private message), and we shall do it that way as well or instead. I am going to use what she has said in her posts to come up with stories or plots that I will insert into our doths. I do not normally do this, but on this occasion I am going to make an exception.

I am considering putting flyers around, but I have not come up with any profound message yet. Perhaps the critical heading and text will come to me while I am waiting for replies to my emails.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011 - Post 2

Surely I am not going to do 10 hours of work here today. Five will be enough, then we'll go back to the place and do some coloring. And this evening we'll do same and watch television. I sprayed some wd40 into the typewriter last night, but I overdid it, and now when I roll a sheet of paper in there is oil on it and I cannot type. So this evening when I get in I am going to roll a cleaning cloth into it and see if I can dry it up. Logic tells me that this should work, enough to permit me to type with it.

Concerning my emails, it is odd isn't it that silly man likes to play with the clock. Do they not know that I have automated copies in the Sent folder? Did they overlook this? So I have the .html as well as the notepad, word, rich text, and plain text versions of these as well. Concerning the dates, I have reason to believe that they are contained within the .html webpages as code. And therefore could be accessed by an expert.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011

The enquiry is under way: I have sent an email of reply to my correspondent at the Department of Health, putting two or three questions to them. I also sent an accompanying email within minutes after the first one, bearing the same reference number in the heading, to advise marking print-out with the date 14th February 2011, and putting a notepad file (the filename itself would be better) into their email account. As my cc appeared not have the date on it.

I am of course saving my correspondence to disk in chronological order, as well I have saved the actual webpage version of the emails to disk as .html files, and also I have taken snapshots of the email account showing the DH name and reference number in the list, with my two replies at top showing same. These would be presented to the prosecution solicitor for them to look at.

It is a technical problem at my email account end, nothing more and nothing less.

I have in my email told my correspondent that I am awaiting email replies from the person that I had a constructive discussion with at the Edmonton Community Mental Health Services, from the local safer neighborhood police, and from my solicitors who took three defence cases for me in recent history, and that it has been more than a week.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Sat 12th February 2011 - Post 7

I have done multiple search variations before with various operating systems from 98 to ME to XP Professional. This one may be Windows 7. In my opinion (a man starts coughing) the Search facility in the Start at bottom left is not always that good at locating things. Sometimes it is very good at doing so. But certain filenames just don't get found by it.

So what is the moral of this story? What is that message having come to me? Which someone may be sending to me to profess here in wording? Only that things that are said to be unlocatable, lost, mislaid, etc, and the former of these in particular, may in fact be most findable particularly with manual searches. Perhaps this will be usable in the court room.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Sat 12th February 2011 - Post 6

I was looking through the My Documents folder just now in Windows Explorer when I saw the .pdf file name that the person at the DH had attached to me. It should have been findable using one of the search variations that I did. As I clicked on it to copy it to disk then move it there, a pop up appeared at bottom right of screen, which was very intimidating. So I postponed this action. I opened it instead, and found it to be authentic. It is as the email said a copy of the email in letter format scanned into the computer and attached to me with a signature. The pop up wording was not valid in the circumstances, but I may quote it if I can remember what it said. It is interesting that these apparently triggered pop-ups perhaps by the local security people that look after the market which is just a few doors along, do not have any pop-up mesages anywhere on the hard drive or in the operating system that would be more appropriate with their wording. If the computer itself is doing it, I trust it will be kind enough to remind me of things using whatever wording it chooses when the time comes.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Sat 12th February 2011 - Post 5

After a time, while I changed to another shop.

I have invited Speed to one of the boards at that site to discuss with me what he knows of my medical history. The site has 8 million members, though of course not all of them are there at the same time. How many are there right now I do not know, I don't think anyone does.

After making posts 1 to 4 here at my blog today I thought that Thursday's posts numbering 8 were that which would impress a solicitor the most, but equally I thought that just as there are many days of posts before it, so likewise today's posts are alright to be here, as a part of the whole. As it is a continuem. I shall have to remember that the 8 posts of Thursday the 10th (actually Friday the 11th) are that which binds the whole together. It is odd as to be an exact match that there is a date oddity, to the extent that I did not see the automated date in the blog heading when posting, just as there is a date oddity in the crown court case defence which the solicitors at Walthamstow know about.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011 - Post 4

On Friday we incorrectly said here that it was Thursday. In the court case defence there was a problem with the dates. (Another police siren). Be assured that these things are connected.

It is better to refer to these phenomena and beliefs concerning it I think, rather than to not do so. For as I have said already it would take only two people to confirm it, if there are no witnesses wondering what it is, or it why it occus in their local area periodically.

Speak of psychological warfare if you wish or just read your Bible, but it is good to use these things to your advantage.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011 - Post 3

Now I am going to that message board to save many of Speed's posts and replies to disk, in order to look through it at another time and see if there is anything in it that will implicate him before me (this is what the two police did in the court room, effectively informing the judge to be lenient with me), and that I can use in this story where we are giving him a mention via Seeth, the man that owns the gardening shop. (A police siren, it was a police siren not a car horn that put that wisdom in my mind to ask Little Black Box for the summary. The car horn only achieved a delay in my going out to go back and sit down again). And we shall be giving him greater coverage in the sequel of this story that we do after it.

Seeth and one of his customers have been discussing Speed's rhetoric, how it was so close only requiring the omission of two words, and the replacement of another to be an exact match of meaning, as to the probability that he is inadvertently not knowingly assisting me, while equally insulting me (the landline phone rings twice, the man was super-quick picking it up. This time it was nothing I don't think, we have our mind on the speed. See here we have again a word match). But the customer has said that it is unlikely that Speed can say anything that will discredit us. Notably because not everyone knows what our handle is there, we could always deny it, and it would be difficult for Speed to get his rhetoric into a court room, the more so if he is going to undergo questioning concerning it himself. So again me and my witness are on the same track.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011 - Post 2

A couple of days ago, probably on the day that the DH sent me a reply thus to begin the enquiry, I received multiple items of unsolicited mail addressed to foreiners supposely living at my house before me. I had received some in the past and had them kept in a pile to give to my landlord. So I copy-typed them onto the paper as a list for use as character names in my story. It is always difficult for us to come up with authentic sounding names, and these will do just fine. We shall keep the pile of nine men and three women mail as our record should it be that later on these people object to what we have done, but the chances are are procedure in doing this may give them a voice. In any case this information was sent to me, so it is now my property and responsibility. Similarly whenever I save a webpage or convert it to Word, Rich Text Format, and to Text, such as the one I got the other day in a search, which gave me the names and occupations of community staff at Edmonton in 2008, I end it with their copyright and mine, because I do not require their permission to use it. I would if the circumstances were legal.

I will not be using further mail for this story, incase someone takes it upon themselves to interact with me by directing what names I use.

So the car horn sounded, which may be signal to people in the local area that I am going out - however there is no problem here at the internet shop - and I have reason to believe that it is just a signal but it is not authentic.

Instead I sat down at the typewriter again where I had been typing for some five hours, and asked myself if there is any wisdom. I then thought that we are going to run out of paper soon, it would be terrible to do so when the news is going to broadcast something, so I would go to Edmonton Green and buy somce more typing paper. We have enough now to last for about two months. I then asked Little Black Box to give me a summary, and he has given me an excellent one, which I can potentially show to the solicitor that I choose. He has listed 3 things, with sub-things on number 2, it being that which will be causing those involved in this matter to be greatly disturbed by it.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011

I have not yet received any reply from my solicitor at Walthamstow or from the person that I had the discussion with, or from the local safer neighborhood police. I will give them another week to reply, i.e. 7 days including the weekends, but mention to my correspondent early next week at the Department of Health, that I am beginning to suspect a conspiracy, i.e. that someone as yet unidentified to me has instructed them each to do this.

But we shall see, it may just be the wording. For this reason I have sent another email to the person that I had the discussion with, stating separation from community like it was before, or I will have to correspond by enail (or by letter) with their manager concerning it. It is probable, unless they have no comprehension of anything, that they know that they are holding on to me by a thread, and that a continuation of care that is not wanted (and which is illegal) will put me in the same situation again as it was with Al pursuing me. So we have to deal with this now. The quicker the better lest I shall be troubled by it in my thinking.

It is sometimes the case that a car horn sounds locally when I am putting my shoes on and am about to go out. It has happened so often now that I will say that it is some kind of warning by someone that can see me. If that is not the case it might just as well be, just as if it is not the case that Speed is reading my blog at a message board that I go on, he might just as well be, as is using near-identical rhetoric.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 8

The .pdf file or document that was saved to disk is not on the disk. I have not been able to find it using multiple search variations, and therefore the computer could not find it either. There would be two reasons for this:

1. The .pdf file that was saved got diverted in transit to someone else. If that is the case then I can assume that there is a witness. I shall take the opportunity to exaggerate this in my thinking to confirm that there are many witnesses. Perhaps he or she will profess words in English on the news in due course.

2. There was some discrepancy in the technical process.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 7

The DH reply had this text, but also had attached a pdf document. The ocmputer/internet - as I said before, i.e. the internet-based email account - virus scanned it then asked me if I wanted to open it or save it to disk. I saved it to disk, and will read it later on after I have logged out of all of the websites that I am on, including off of the email one.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 6

In the past I did not have access to legal counsel. When I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2002 the staff there with permission from their manager contacted a solicitor of my choice - concerning matters that I will keep confidential - After this I had access to other defence solicitors for various things, including allowing utility companies such as the water board to take me to magistrates courts. I prepared my cases each time in writing on my word processor and gave them to each solicitor, who I feel sure read them with eagerness - for that is how it seemed to me, i.e. they were impressed (to quote something on last's nights television, a film I think that had some scenes of people about to be executed in the chair) - then advised me and took on the cases. I won every one of them. I think there about six or seven in all. Then the Community Mental Health Services people left me alone after a solicitor negotiated with their manager. That was the situation in 2010 before I met Al.

I am therefore at the beginning of putting together a word processor document which later on when a time is right I will present to a prosecution solicitor, or other type of lawyer, to prosecute Al. And the others will be prosecuted as accomplices.

It could be said that the three court cases, including the crown court one - each taken in special courts not the normal ones - this made me feel uncomfortable but there is an advantage - (the two uniformed police that walked past me while in sitting position in narrow coridor, at time when solicitor was not there, to enter special court and put deal, was intimidating, I declined it - also medical record request repeatedly declined, at end judge did not even look at me concerning it, nothing said) - was a rehearsal. My script includes dialogue and scenes of court cases.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 5

I have had a major victory, but now I have to finish him off. So I am having a rest period while I wait for a reply from the person that I had the discussion with. Not spending as long in the internet shop. But who knows, perhaps doing so is good for me, just as yesterday morning typing was. I wrote twenty pages over three hours.

I have read the Mental Health Act, the 1980's one I think, not all of it, it is a thick document, bits and pieces of it that were relevent to me. I have not read the Powers To Act document, but am told that this is included in it. I would like to see a Powers To Act document published, as well as perhaps a highlighting, i.e. a bold type box around relevent text, and additional headings (not new headings as this would concuse a backdating process in the courts) which concerns the Duty Of Care process concerning forced entry of one's home.

I have not as yet read any of the armed forces Duty Of Care bill, notably because it has not been published yet. When it is published I suppose I will have to take a look through that as well, to compare various things with the mental health one, if indeed going by its title, it is the same kind of bill.

It may not be, it may just have the same title.

So my comments are as follows:

1. Has the government people writing this bill considered - if it is the same thing as the mental health one, or is similar in parts - what might happen if someone ex-armed forces were to be forced onto a care program by violent personnel?

2. I put it to you that this bill, if it is the same, is defeatist.

That is it for now.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 4

I had thought, as to have playing on my mind at all times, that they might have been intercepted. The auto-reply from New Scotland Yard put my mind at rest, until I considered the technical possibility that interceptor may have sent or triggered it, to make me think that New Scotland Yard had received it. Today's reply of email with wording in English has put my mind at rest. My enquiry is not being diverted to another address to stop enquiry from proceeding, but I do assume - as I would suppose most enquirers do - that the correspondence is being read.

So to the armed forces and the new to be published Duty Of Care Bill, which I heard on my television a few days ago. Odd that it was broadcast to me, and therefore to everyone, at same time as plagiarism concerning shooting and the explosion. Next of kin also professed again by one speaker - technically possible for media to do this, knowing similar thing about television as police know who can physically locate an ip address (let's just say I am one of those people that are technically minded more so than any computer magazine, to the extent of forensically examining the soil. For most people would at the most only leave no stone unturned. We go a lot deeper than that. As I have transfer my script to Final Draft in due course. So I again take this opportunity to ask the police compuer unit if they will begin to advertise an affordable service to the public, or otherwise allow other companies to.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 3

I am glad that I have received this reply of email today (though not as yet one from local neighborhood police*

* Let's put the asterisk here. Automated email reply assume from New Scotland Yard's mailbox address directed me to safer neighbourhood police contact page (or I might have googled it) - mobile phone rings, slight emotional tone, man in shop next to landline answers it in foreign language. Probably nothing, it is alright for enquiries to mention this. It gives generalised related intelligence which readers can cross-reference with similar reports by other people. Better to mention it than to not do so, I think). But plain text stating Edmonton Green Police at left, had a local area email account for safer neighborhood police when I clicked it. This creates notion of excitement, so let's go with it.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 2

I have received a reply of email from the DH which I assume to be the Department of Health, a straightforward reply worded in plain English (as the landline phone rings, no-one is answering it, six times now and man standing right next to it), which is what we all like. I will keep the content to myself for now and proceed to reply to it, and write a new email to the direct email account that the sender has given to me. Excepting to say the following two things:

1. It concerns CPA Assessments after someone has been detained by the police.

2. My email enquiry has been selected from the high number of correspondence in their office. (Wording changed to hide id of sender).

* Where is my asterisk? Perhaps it is in the previous post.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011

There was major news on several channels last night and in the evening, each one of course professed by one speaker reading the teletype - news being inserted into the program without warning on a narrow display panel source unknown - speaking both of shooting of a police offiicer in head, injuries, and of an explosion. Both appear to be major coincidence, or as I assume, plagiarism of manual typewriter. However it has given me ideas concerning the new armed forces Duty Of Care Bill which is soon to be published. If it is the same thing as the mental health one, along with its powers to act, then in the armed forces one it would be defeatist. So I am going to be commenting on that.

We have sixty plus pages of our scipt, which now has many scenes with dialogue between various characters. We are keeping the scenes and dialogue pieces quite small, i.e. six or seven exchanges of words, throughout the story, the scenes cutting from one to another written in near-chronological order. I would only be able to make a trailer of it, if indeed I proceed to do this, and more likely the script will be copy-typed to Final Draft, copyrighted, then sent out to agents, hopefully at a time when there is more media attention about such cases in the courts.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 9th February 2011 - Post 4

I have done another search for Edmonton Green police, and it gave me my local area police safer neighborhood unit, with contact details including an email address. I have added this to my email account's address book, and have sent them an email asking if they can correspond with me concerning this matter. At the least I hope that they can direct me to the correct places and people who will be able to assist me further.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 9th February 2011 - Post 3

I have the generalised feeling tha the people to whom I have sent them, notably to the solicitor at Walthamstow and to the person that I had the discussion with, have not received them - because of those verification issues, and because of the general situation - but I have had this before over the years with various email, both having to wait considerable periods for replies, and verification issues during the process from time to time, and later those people including friends always verbally confirmed to me or confirmed by email that they had received them. I do not want to have to take print-outs of these to these people to prove that I sent them, and therefore there is something wrong. So logic tells me that they are thinking about that which I have said. It will be interesting if there are other people doing enquiries that feel the same way.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 9th February 2011 - Post 2

I have received a reply from the police at New Scotland Yard. It appears to be an actual mailbox email account, which will be manned by its personnel some of the time. It does not appear to me to be an automated email account which go out as replies carrying information, notably as I replied to it and did not get a failure message. It has the same name more or less than the one that I sent to first, to ask if it is one that they use.

I will assume that there are many people that contact the police there by email to make an enquiry and get such automated replies, which invokes the feeling that they are taking any intelligence but not replying with a legitimate email. They have told me to contact my local station, which is always closed. So that is what I have told them by reply. Edmonton Green is not my local station.

Also I do not want to make my enquiries by telephone, partly because there would be no written record. I want all my enquiries to take place in writing, which they should be if the content is legit.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 9th February 2011

I do not know if my stating it here in public is the better procedure, excepting that I feel that it might be better for us all if it is in the public domain and remains in it. In particular if two or three cases go ahead to the courts before me.

Today's (and yesterday's) email enquiries are as follows:

8th Feb 2011: 1 hour after the discussion. Person in a meeting. I have sent email to them to separate myself from community, as was the situation before I met Al. Inadvertently used wording in email `violence committed at my house' combined with no reply as yet, so assume possibility that they may be reluctant to reply by email. But this would suggest to me that they have knowledge that their involvement or actions are not legit. We will give them time, as we are doing with the police, of five days. Requested furterh discussion to discuss this.

9th Feb 2011 (today): Email to Fellowes Solicitors in Walthamstow, who defended me in three police cases. Requesting to furnish me with dates of the three arrests, and name of an employee of the court who was involved in the violent acts against me, possibly ordering it. Also occupation and court plus court department where they work.

9th Feb 2011 (today): Email to two direct email accounts for the police at New Scotland Yard requesting to furnish with confirmation or not that three direct email accounts are still being used by them. Email might get an automated failure message. I have one other, the name of a police offer, but his location is unknown. I provided them with intelligence concerning what the enquiry is about.

There have been a few techical issues with email account, with computer or internet aparently asking for verifications before it will proceed. But when this was done it proceeded. Also automated disconnection of internet during this blog writing is normal practice at this internet shop. Landline phone rang with emotional tone as I oompleted writing of above paragraph, but I had not finished.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 - Post 4

My story is taking shape, we have 40 pages typed in script width. I have had some small discussions concerning it with the salmon, and he has had several longer discussions with people. I overlooked to say that it also includes supernatural, that is paranormal, events.

Thank you to those of you that have thought of us, and have prayed. I am still of course continuing with and am pursuing my enquiries.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 - Post 3

The person that I had the discussion with said that it is acknowledged that I have the right to pursue both the names and locations and anything else of all the people that did this, which would be in writing or by email, and to pursue a prosecution through a solicitor. They said that Al could not be prosecuted for this violent act because he did not himself do it, unless the solicitor disagreed and took on the case, but I believe that it was acknowledged that he would be an accomplise. Just as the others with him are all accomplices.

As I was leaving I asked for their home address. They did not give it to me but told me which area it is not, which would make a search for it by internet a little easier. But with them I shall not pursue it because they have been of assistance to me. I also said that I want the home addresses of all the people involved in the violent acts against me, and that I want Al's home address as well. My reason being that, concerning an eye for an eye, they have my home address, therefore it is only fair that I can have theirs. They were somewhat perplexed and disturbed by this request, so I said something to the effect that I am only joking. This is not true.
For they may have put something in a message board or somewhere else on the internet, maybe the name of a shop, a flower company, a garage, that will facilitate it of me to home in on them. As soon as I have got the area, someone in it that knows them would accept cash to give it to me. I want them to feel hunted by this revelation, I want them to feel scared, I want them to feel like I am tracking them down in my spare time, and that I might actually find them. I want them to consider the possibility that what they did to me might happen to them. Al has told me that he lives in Tower Hamlets. It would be interesting to know if there are people there that have undergone these acts at the hands of their social worker community, and also how many.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 - Post 2

I have also declined another social worker.

The person with whom I had the discussion said that Al did not and could not order the violence against me at my house, while I say that he did, based on his own words that he said to me, and he appeared to be the one doing the organising both mentally in pre-meditation and potentially in practise, when threatening to do it again. Also they said that it was done partly because there had been an issue with my neighbor. I said that this was point taken, but that I am not pro-neighbors telephoning the social worker services - for they ought not have such knowledge about me being that I do not know any of them, hence it appears to implicate them by their own wording - and ought to telephone the police. That would enable people like I to provide the police with evidence that the neighbor had done things to me, and for the police to ask the neighbor if they are willing to go into a court of law concerning it. I still think, and therefore am still pursuing, that what Al did with ten accomplises of community staff and the police was too much. It violated my right to ignore all of his letters - which themselves would implicate him for pre-meditating it when shown to a jury - and it would also violate my right to defend myself and my property. I thought about that one but do not have it in me. It appears that my words have been sufficient, notably because they have been posted on the internet.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011

I have had the discussion, and that is what it was. We had it in the upstairs waiting room, as I had asked not to have to go through locked doors. (These are apparently there to prevent the police getting in if there was a hostage situation, or someone attempting to see what is on the computers). I feel that progress has been made, and I am happy with how it went. I suspect that the people there have been following my blog. However there is one further thing that I agreed to as a compromise, that I am going to decline.

The person that I spoke to, who did not give me permission to use their real name, but did give permission to use their initials and the place of their work - i.e. the Community Mental Health Services in Edmonton Green - but about which at this time I shall not do - said that they would take Al off my case. So from now on he has to stay the (beep) away from me.

The compromise concerns my making an appointment to see another person at the facility at my own initiative every six months or so, and I said they could send me an initial appointment by post. They said that they would write a lenghy letter and detailed based on what we discussed, but there was no guarantee that the new person would do this. I compromised first to offer them something in return for my excemption, and secondly because there would be something in it for me if we go on to discuss current affairs and the ongoing controversy concerning the Mental Health Act people, as well as acquiring various documents, and requesting the names and locations of all the people that were involved in the violent acts against me. But now I have decided not to have any ongoing meetings with this community, because to do so would be very bad for me. It is because they cannot guarantee it that I am declining. A similar thing came up in the court case that my solicitor put to me.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 4

Last night there were tons of sirens everywhere, in the distance, and there were again as I came out this morning, but again they were keeping their distance. It is interesting how my case may be running parallel to someone else's case, or to several other peoples' cases in the same area. I wounder who they are and what their cases are.

Despite suggesting that my proposal may be flawed, and they I am permitting myself it thereof, and of course I know in advance that Al will bring up the swear words as abuse and blame me for starting it, I am now confident that my proposal is the best that it can be, and probably has no flaws in it. If I can get it into a crown court to be heard by court staff that have read my blog, or if Al succeeds in doing so, then they will lose.

Those of you that want to prosecute your doctor, a doctor, your social worker, or a social worker, you cannot prosecute them but you can put them in the witness box. Indeed they feel willing to go into it. I do not mind if my case goes first or fourth, that is if two or three cases go before me. I am happy to lever it up a bit with Al's demons guiding me. Solicitors take note, do not fear intimidation by those that cannot get out of their cars.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 3

Well I like the way that turned out, I think it is better.

Little Black Box and Pigeons were accompanying me on the bus here just now. I sent them ahead to the big intersection, then to Edmonton Green, to take multiple ariel footage of any police and ambulence vehicles doing illegal things in the traffic. It was completely silent, excepting that we were accurate in anticipating similar things, before bypassing them because there are civilians.

Little Black Box and Pigeons are doing what they want right now as I work here to post this, and then go to another site that has a lot of message boards. Some of you will know where that is. If I can't post here because there are people in the shop then I post there, and transfer the text here later on.

I am working on a story about a salmon who travels down from a lake in Scotland to Enfield, who has been given two very important things to do along the way. Little Black Box and Pigeons are on board, and Bit-Part and I are in consultation concerning it. We have made much progress in both the story and the plot since we began it four or five days ago. He is a small fish, but he grows bigger along the way, taking in rivers and black water canals and their pretty narrowboats. The story which may be a short film or a short story, incorporates the mental health act abuses and violation of human rights, the war on terror, and this elusive police unit. When I present it online a long time henceforth, I hope to present it as being credible.

Last night critical intelligence came to me saying: In fact that character said it who is working for me: "That police unit may be the same one as those that are surrounding you."

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 2

I may have been a little ambitious in asking our government people - notably those in charge of the case sceduling on the television news - to broadcase both the mental health act and the war on terror at the same time. But I think that the absence of both of them at the same time is interesting. Sometimes when wording is expected by many people, as well as by those intellectual thinkers, it will be broadcast to us inadvertently no matter what case scheduling is chosen. If the schedulers chose a dozen cases (i.e. any news items), those of us that are able to would be able to hear the critical wording that seems to be conveying information directly about our cause.

Last night there were two adverts on television on channel 4 which was plagiarising something that I am writing on a manual typewriter. So I used it as a character like my own one who is going to assist me to home in on critical intelligence concerning tomorrow's discussion, (the landline phone rings and I delete the remainder of the text).

Rather, I am reminded that, if they surround me tomorrow as to be accurate as I entering that place for the discussion, I will probably divert away from it faster than a stealth bomber.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb

I feel confident about the discussion tomorrow, if that is what it is. I have had police and ambulences surrounding the 192 bus with sirens blazing (they must have someone using cctv at the bus depot, as they do it sometimes when I miss the bus or I overlook that it has opened its doors behind a double decker one, and they go off blazing after the one that they think I got on. And there have been I believe police witnesses who are in their civilian clothes).

It is good I think if civilians, by which I mean citizens not those having some kind of background, can trust only in the public and the police. And not to have to think about anything else. But for someone with a background that the authorities have said they do not know, and I would suppose there are many, thinking about these other things can, if you permit it, be an advantage. Little Black Box has told me only recently, but I suspect that he has been doing it for a long time or we wouldn't have reached this point, that all this surrounding of the bus and its multiple reflections etc, is providing with him with Precision Points.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday

Yesterday's posts were longer than I had intended, but I am pleased with how they turned out, as I am also with the posts that came before it. Does one correct themselves in a court of law, once having said something under cross-examination? Perhaps they do and perhaps I would. I do not mean to say that I am fearful. This is only the case when something comes through my door, when someone knocks on it because it might be him, and when people smash the door down or send me a letter threatening to. Such letters can be delivered by hand (suggesting fear of interception or letters going astray). Normally when I am engaged in an email or letter enquiry with a legal body, first class post is sufficient. Our letters are either not read by anyone else than to whom it is addressed, or they are read but not diverted.

The God in whose word I believe takes away all fear. For this reason I do not have fear most of the time, no all of the time. But the fear which comes both for me and for the others when even simple things such as him posting a letter at my house creates fear that is so bad that it can undermime your faith in God. That is to be expected by those of us that are fully aware of the complicated teaches of the Bible, such as if we can see and hear the workings of the antichrist with our eyes and ears when other people are addressing us, but it ought not be the case that this verbal abuse of the greatest kind should be being said to those that have no faith or are young in it.

I really think that our Government should address this problem. It will be aware that I for one, and there are probably man from all backgrounds and walks of life, are able to read all the silent periods that are presented to us by news programs, as well as inadvertent double-talk in them.

It would be good if the Government would say something simple, for instance, concerning these matters, such as to state that there is no corrolation between the mental health service's 28 day incarceration period and the war on terror's 28 day incarceration period, unless it wants all its speakers to inadvertently speak double talk.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday - Post 4

Flawed yes, perhaps, perhaps not, but I am permitting myself as to profess thereof before any judge and jury and court staff, the condition of fear of these people which is being overcome by the fight process, as opposed to flight one which apparently all the others have, unless there are cases in the courts that we do not know about, and it was I as you will recall that requested formally through my solicitors of the time to take the first test case against the mental health services at the high court. This was declined in favor of a negotiation with the then secretary of state for health. How far back do you want to go, and what would you do if there was no record (re missing file at the police station which then turned up when I queried it) but circumstantial evidence?

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday - Post 3

I am aware that some of you, perhaps lawyers or police, investigators etc, will have thought that my proposal (before God, but apparently to the police) to put this matter of the violation of my rights and vilence thereof into the crown court if Al should be successful in his quest, is flawed because ... but am I not able to counter any of that with my words? And the more so were I to choose to do at my own initiative deliberatly, in which case the offence would have to guarantee the court case but not be too serious to result in anything other than a small fine, not that this is my intention, I am merely pointing out that Al appears to me to be doing this for the specific purpose of getting something major off of his and their conscience. But if this is to be the case there has to be something in it for me. Something for the people yes to whom this has happened to, but also something for me. Perhaps it would be access to a lawyer indefinitely, to handle anything and everything that might from here on come my way. I do not know if currently that is still the case with the solicitors that the police chose for me, in their wisdom thereof.

I would have the right if I so wish to take the case myself, asking the questions of those in the witness box whom I call, no insist on, with no solicitor repersenting me. I would have to be on my best behaviour in the court room.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday - Post 2

I have not as yet had a reply to my email enquiries to the Nhs and the Police. To the latter I have sent three enquiries to different police units. But we must give them time. I shall give them two weeks to reply, as this is the standard time period that businesses allow, to expect a reply by letter. It may be and would be expected, that they are themselves making enquiries to see if they have permission to reply to me with the information that I am requesting. It is quite possible that the unit about which I am enquiring is an elusive one, that even the police in their own station do not really know about, or as I would suspect might themselves bring its activities into question if they were given credible evidence that their activities are illegal. In the laest of my email enquiries to the third police unit I inadvertently referred to the nhs's CPA process, and those people that decline it. That happens, I have inadvertently given the police intelligence, so we have to go with it. As even this in my case would be overturned in a court of law. Perhaps, perhaps not, in other peoples' cases. And they have to be cases, not merely enforced interviews by the nhs who are not police officers. No police present, no lawyers, is not good.

I watched Marshlands last night being eager to do so thereof, or is it Marchlands, and thot that there were some good bits, the girl running at the start thereof, but the cut to scene two was odd and amateurish, the set pieces were cheap and looked amateurish, and the acting and dialogue likewise. Nevertheless I liked some of the scenes but was generally disappointed.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday

I have had the first of the verbal enquiries, which was interesting. A whole load of sirens went off at the same time giving me an apportunity to draw my interviewy's ear to them, saying that I wonder if other people are having a similar problem. What wonderful noise they make. One suspects that they are waiting further back along the road in preparation for a phone call, currently one that is not being traced. If it is a coincidence it is a major one. One that could theoretically open doors in court places. It would be easy to ambush.

I have an annoying pop up which suggests that there is interest in this case.

I am working with my characters from the Loch Ness stories, such as Bits and Little Black Box, on a new premise, one which incorporates our characters. It appears to me that even this is being lifted, as it is being done on a manual typewriter. But last night as I continued to listen to the news-like programs on the television thereof, I was granted critical wisdom concerning something that I have to profess in the next verbal enquiry, which will be on Tuesday.

The issue of color came up on the bus as I came here courtesy of the general public apparently playing into this theme, under the watchful eye of my God, courtesy of a double color match which Little Black Box advised required a third one to confirm. We got that confirmation immediately. But we do not always do this, only when there is something going on. We also tested it and got a result from both of the original people that had done it.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Post 4

He said that he would answer my questions. I doubt that he will and I expect some of them to be difficult for him, and also for her. Questions such as if his assumed immunutity to prosecution is valid or is actually based on difficult beaurocrasy. It happens that I have began this inquiry at a time when some Mp's are being sent to prison, and when at other times in recent history some police officers have been too. Although their cases are different in their nature to mine, we have yet to be able - all of us, single people living on their own, solicitors, people in Government, police etc, - to get the courts to accept the prosecution of doctors and social workers in this country. All it will take is two or three cases to go through the courts with a little media attention of it for me to get the prosecution going. Or if I may, and after a couple of months to overtake that conditional discharge, to get myself arrested for something that would guarantee a crown court trial, with solicitors informed in advance, with my defence being the violation of my human rights with violence, abduction, and psychological distress in my house. How would any of these people like it if we did this to them. A nice little set of abduction with violence off the street, in cafes, pubs, their place of work, their houses, for interrogation under torture, yes. We let them go and then we repeat it and do it again. We would like these other scapegoats have to have clearance of course, by those agencies that want to keep a lid on things such as public protest, so that it does not come to big and get out of hand. But they allow some things, various cases, and sometimes the police turn a blind eye to things, espescially when many people including them want the same information as we do.

Post 3

I have hereby been reminded by that common auto-mistype causing spelling errors which occurs in a lot of documents. Evidently this assistance by the computer will be of advantage to me in the court room, reminding me that one must be sensible about thse things.
(New paragraph)
Al and I had some dialogue concerning this - the prosecution and violation of human rights - with swear words. He is basing all of his procedure and mind on his Duty of Care, like I did with the gospel when I first began to evangelise. It is all he has, it is his life, and he appears otherwise to be a complete blank head with no conception whatsoever of right and wrong. I.e. a typical agent of God, or as one would say, the best Cia agent that I have ever met.

Post 2

The social workers at Edmonton Green mainly target single people that are living on their own. As previously explained it would not work with other households. The police ought to keep it in mind, and be instructed thereof, that single people can become agitated by such visits as these. As I was myself for a long period which got me into three caught cases, one at the crown court.
(New paragraph)
In this instance, Al as I shall call him - I do not have powers to state his name publicly at this time - is coming hard at me to such an extent, violating all of my human rights despite that I have expressed them, that it appears to me strongly that he is doing this under devine guidance to get another court case, notably one which I will command at some point in the near future, not to defend - though that would be an advantage to me if my defence would be that my human rights are being violated with violence and abduction at my house, also psychological distress, - but to take as a prosecution with those doors are opened by my God in the courts.

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Post 1

I had a few days in avoiding the television after a social worker called at my house, at the point of going to bed. He told me that a doctor has made an appointment to see me. This implied to me that she has not told him - and never will - that it was I that made that appointment with her, after some months. That said, his visit to my house - a violation of my human rights - caused me agitation, and I proceeded to do what I have come to believe is major rehearsal of the dialogue that will be required in the human rights caught case, that I have against them.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Casting My Bread

Casting my bread upon the waters, on this occasion, in expectancy that it shall return to me. For there most definitely are others albeit single and living alone, for it would not work in other households where there are more people, and it would not work where the subjects have a non-civilian background, such as military or ex-civil servant. Anyway, you will recall that I was made subject to a mental health act assessment which involved ten police dressed in riot gear breaking my door down. To take to a place of safety. My place of safety is my own house. Then there were incidents taking place so I can understand that the police wanted to do something. Apparently they could not arrest me or ask my question using the normal legal procedure. Breaking a door down is criminal damage, and a violent act. It was requested by a social worker who apparently has some kind of special authority.

Now it has been suggested by him again, but there are no incidents occurring. So I gave the fear to my God and left it with him, then assessed my thoughts concerning the matter, and left them with my God to deal with, saying to him that I cast it onto the waters.

But I have to follow up by doing something about this matter, notably because I am able to. So I have began to make some enquiries. However the police website no longer has email accounts, and their pages of contact forms were hard to find and required a telephone number. But I found one so have asked them the question as to which police unit is responsible when such requests are made. I have also made an appointment with my Gp to ask her some questions.

I feel pretty good about this.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday 24.01.11

I have received your emails. I was notified of them but could not reply to them. I have been thinking about filmmaking, of course, but am currently working on my art, having done some two hundred colorings since I last posted.