Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011

I have had the discussion, and that is what it was. We had it in the upstairs waiting room, as I had asked not to have to go through locked doors. (These are apparently there to prevent the police getting in if there was a hostage situation, or someone attempting to see what is on the computers). I feel that progress has been made, and I am happy with how it went. I suspect that the people there have been following my blog. However there is one further thing that I agreed to as a compromise, that I am going to decline.

The person that I spoke to, who did not give me permission to use their real name, but did give permission to use their initials and the place of their work - i.e. the Community Mental Health Services in Edmonton Green - but about which at this time I shall not do - said that they would take Al off my case. So from now on he has to stay the (beep) away from me.

The compromise concerns my making an appointment to see another person at the facility at my own initiative every six months or so, and I said they could send me an initial appointment by post. They said that they would write a lenghy letter and detailed based on what we discussed, but there was no guarantee that the new person would do this. I compromised first to offer them something in return for my excemption, and secondly because there would be something in it for me if we go on to discuss current affairs and the ongoing controversy concerning the Mental Health Act people, as well as acquiring various documents, and requesting the names and locations of all the people that were involved in the violent acts against me. But now I have decided not to have any ongoing meetings with this community, because to do so would be very bad for me. It is because they cannot guarantee it that I am declining. A similar thing came up in the court case that my solicitor put to me.

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