Friday, 4 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday - Post 3

I am aware that some of you, perhaps lawyers or police, investigators etc, will have thought that my proposal (before God, but apparently to the police) to put this matter of the violation of my rights and vilence thereof into the crown court if Al should be successful in his quest, is flawed because ... but am I not able to counter any of that with my words? And the more so were I to choose to do at my own initiative deliberatly, in which case the offence would have to guarantee the court case but not be too serious to result in anything other than a small fine, not that this is my intention, I am merely pointing out that Al appears to me to be doing this for the specific purpose of getting something major off of his and their conscience. But if this is to be the case there has to be something in it for me. Something for the people yes to whom this has happened to, but also something for me. Perhaps it would be access to a lawyer indefinitely, to handle anything and everything that might from here on come my way. I do not know if currently that is still the case with the solicitors that the police chose for me, in their wisdom thereof.

I would have the right if I so wish to take the case myself, asking the questions of those in the witness box whom I call, no insist on, with no solicitor repersenting me. I would have to be on my best behaviour in the court room.

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