Thursday, 24 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 24th February 2011 - Post 1

I have received an email reply from my solicitor in Walthamstow. A fee is required to retrieve the information that I had requested. I then thought that as I have that information somewhere in my case files, I ought to look for it myself to save me considerable expense, probably considered small or affordable by some. So this I will do. I had thought that the three dates when the arrests were made were required for a letter-document that I have written called `Propsal to Prosecute. It is 4 pages long and is intended to be given to a prosecution solicitor, another legal body, or direct to the judges in the courts. It includes my comprehensive background CV as a list. I am confident that the legal people will be impressed by it, as I have surprised myself in its writing. However, as it turns out the three dates of those arrests are not required for this document.

Instead a little exchange of emails yesterday and today with my defence solicitor has suggested that the better procedure for me to take at this time, is to write a letter to the police alleging that violent action against me and my property, and request them to submit it to the Crown Prosecution Service. So I will be doing that in due course. The three dates of the arrests, and the date when I first me Anselem Ekeh will be required for that, along with that court employee's name that I want, which I can retrieve from my case files.

I have sent more emails today than I have ever sent before since I first went on the internet in 1998. I have sent one to the correspondent at the Department of Health, one to the Chief Executive of the NHS, and one to the local Safer Neighbourhood Police. Now I am going to do some research concerning that elusive police unit in google. If anyone knows what the name of it is and where it is located in Edmonton, please let me know at the message board that I go on.

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