Monday, 14 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011 - Post 4

After a few hours.

I have printed each of the emails that I have sent to the various people and places, and the one that the DH has sent to me. I have also been given - by another one of those audio assistants - a very good header and message for a flyer (a sheet of paper that can be put around), and have printed out thirty five sheets. The first batch had one spelling error in the copyright date at bottom, but that does not matter. The second batch corrected this.

Now what do I do with them? Blackmail the Edmonton Community Mental Health Services, the local Safer Neighborhood Police, and my defence solicitors at Walthamstow? I'll keep them at the place for a bit while I continue with the enquiry. The next time I go to Walthamstow I'll take them with me and give a copy to the solicitor. Whether the flyers also go around in that area will be up to them.

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