Friday, 11 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 5

I have had a major victory, but now I have to finish him off. So I am having a rest period while I wait for a reply from the person that I had the discussion with. Not spending as long in the internet shop. But who knows, perhaps doing so is good for me, just as yesterday morning typing was. I wrote twenty pages over three hours.

I have read the Mental Health Act, the 1980's one I think, not all of it, it is a thick document, bits and pieces of it that were relevent to me. I have not read the Powers To Act document, but am told that this is included in it. I would like to see a Powers To Act document published, as well as perhaps a highlighting, i.e. a bold type box around relevent text, and additional headings (not new headings as this would concuse a backdating process in the courts) which concerns the Duty Of Care process concerning forced entry of one's home.

I have not as yet read any of the armed forces Duty Of Care bill, notably because it has not been published yet. When it is published I suppose I will have to take a look through that as well, to compare various things with the mental health one, if indeed going by its title, it is the same kind of bill.

It may not be, it may just have the same title.

So my comments are as follows:

1. Has the government people writing this bill considered - if it is the same thing as the mental health one, or is similar in parts - what might happen if someone ex-armed forces were to be forced onto a care program by violent personnel?

2. I put it to you that this bill, if it is the same, is defeatist.

That is it for now.

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