Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 15th February 2011

The letter may have been sent before Hm told him to stay away from me. So while I am giving the both of them (and anyone involved) the benefit of the doubt - a process that will permit me not to dwell on it - I have to study what the dates are. The letter is dated the 1st February 2011, it has a reference number, I do not recall seeing these before. If I find therefore that this letter was written after Hm told him to stay away from me, I will have no choice but to report him to the police at Edmonton by recorded letter to say that he is acting independently. Police take note that I have considered - in the traumatic fight process - buying a powerful air gun.
I would not carry it, but I would have it in a rack inside the door, loaded with pellets.

I am not a fighter, so a weapon would be required to defend myself and my property if he comes to my house. The better weapon to use would be a gun, not a knife or something.

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