Monday, 14 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011 - Post 2

Surely I am not going to do 10 hours of work here today. Five will be enough, then we'll go back to the place and do some coloring. And this evening we'll do same and watch television. I sprayed some wd40 into the typewriter last night, but I overdid it, and now when I roll a sheet of paper in there is oil on it and I cannot type. So this evening when I get in I am going to roll a cleaning cloth into it and see if I can dry it up. Logic tells me that this should work, enough to permit me to type with it.

Concerning my emails, it is odd isn't it that silly man likes to play with the clock. Do they not know that I have automated copies in the Sent folder? Did they overlook this? So I have the .html as well as the notepad, word, rich text, and plain text versions of these as well. Concerning the dates, I have reason to believe that they are contained within the .html webpages as code. And therefore could be accessed by an expert.

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