Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Sat 12th February 2011 - Post 6

I was looking through the My Documents folder just now in Windows Explorer when I saw the .pdf file name that the person at the DH had attached to me. It should have been findable using one of the search variations that I did. As I clicked on it to copy it to disk then move it there, a pop up appeared at bottom right of screen, which was very intimidating. So I postponed this action. I opened it instead, and found it to be authentic. It is as the email said a copy of the email in letter format scanned into the computer and attached to me with a signature. The pop up wording was not valid in the circumstances, but I may quote it if I can remember what it said. It is interesting that these apparently triggered pop-ups perhaps by the local security people that look after the market which is just a few doors along, do not have any pop-up mesages anywhere on the hard drive or in the operating system that would be more appropriate with their wording. If the computer itself is doing it, I trust it will be kind enough to remind me of things using whatever wording it chooses when the time comes.

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