Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 9th February 2011

I do not know if my stating it here in public is the better procedure, excepting that I feel that it might be better for us all if it is in the public domain and remains in it. In particular if two or three cases go ahead to the courts before me.

Today's (and yesterday's) email enquiries are as follows:

8th Feb 2011: 1 hour after the discussion. Person in a meeting. I have sent email to them to separate myself from community, as was the situation before I met Al. Inadvertently used wording in email `violence committed at my house' combined with no reply as yet, so assume possibility that they may be reluctant to reply by email. But this would suggest to me that they have knowledge that their involvement or actions are not legit. We will give them time, as we are doing with the police, of five days. Requested furterh discussion to discuss this.

9th Feb 2011 (today): Email to Fellowes Solicitors in Walthamstow, who defended me in three police cases. Requesting to furnish me with dates of the three arrests, and name of an employee of the court who was involved in the violent acts against me, possibly ordering it. Also occupation and court plus court department where they work.

9th Feb 2011 (today): Email to two direct email accounts for the police at New Scotland Yard requesting to furnish with confirmation or not that three direct email accounts are still being used by them. Email might get an automated failure message. I have one other, the name of a police offer, but his location is unknown. I provided them with intelligence concerning what the enquiry is about.

There have been a few techical issues with email account, with computer or internet aparently asking for verifications before it will proceed. But when this was done it proceeded. Also automated disconnection of internet during this blog writing is normal practice at this internet shop. Landline phone rang with emotional tone as I oompleted writing of above paragraph, but I had not finished.

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