Monday, 24 August 2009


I got the bathroom done, now I have to do some boxes. I suppose Seeth will have to find some way around this. It is a bit odd doing it in both fictional and documentary style.

Last night I was thinking how our doth might be done even better. I suppose that will be the next thing that we do doth-wise if for some as yet unexplained reason this one doesn't work out, but I hear that many of you doth it this way. We tried it for two hours on Friday night and it seemed ok*, excepting that it was too hot to do so over the weekend.

* A siren kicked up as soon as we fired off.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Continued . . .

Last night I dumped a load of trash in the bath with watereth and blacked it out. It is one option that we hath for doeth. I suppose I shalt see it on the tv, notably in the adverts or on the news (fiction is normally doable as it having been scheduled weeks in advance) - certain adverts and news, using cgi etc and special effects can be created and broadcast instantly - as also shalt some of you with your own doths. Mine is the trash in the bath, whereas yours might be the new three piece suite. (Cops get this as well who are not paid for the stories). And I shalt either regard it as coincidence or as direct plagiarism, the latter of which acquires considerably more attention.

Continued . . .

Last night before I slept I having thinking how easy it would be for me to do a whole room. Not a big one, one of the smaller ones. A utility room. For I like foil as a material of choice and may stick with it. I like the idea that this can be done with the basic stuff, albeit with a lot of snags. The more the better I think, just keep putting them up, while developing cunning ideas for my characters and their little exercises. For instance, a blind man assists Abel to tidy up the place one weekend when there is appropriate noise cover. For Abel is not wearing his ear phones, he has run out of batteries.

Continued . . .

I am hoping that the binding of the wire maketh it as strong as the rod is on its copper holder. If that has to be replaced then I suppose a thin plastic tube would hold it straight.

There are movement sensor lights around, one of which switchen on it assumed automatically as I approach my kitchen window. It is good to have these, however their outgoing radiation presents people like me with a security issue as it can theoritically penetrate the zone. So I am going to do the wall as well, and also part of the window. That will drop down and bind in the same way.

Continued . . .

I hath thinking that the other end which wrappeth could be made to be stronger by wrappeth more, which I suppose it could, but as I have done it is alright, it makes good contact and of course is bound tightly in place with insulation tape. So for this reason the wire process through to the five inch pieces that are taped to the foil should be low induction. I am not sure whether the shiny side has to be towards the box or away from it, nor if an inside piece goes on the front or the rear side unearthed, but for now I am pleased with the way it looks. It will be testing time tomorrow if the weather permits.


I was going to go to bed but I wasn't really tired. It took me an hour to make the back piece better. I took it off and redid it so that it well covers the front of the box, as high as I would like it. And the slight bend gives me some side cover, though not a lot.

The foil teareth as I put the wires on, so I took it off and redid that, which took another hour. I put the two pieces on the rear, it will be easy for me to redo this again if I have to. It was awkward and fumbly getting the two wires in as the foil's shiny side is against the back piece towards the box, but I did this and it took another hour or two. Each piece is equal and is taped in place about five inches.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Continued . . .

As I closed this site the ambulance siren went off, loud but not as loud as a car bomb! See, it is on a loop, one that goeth round and round (for it hath to!). If it doth not do this it doth'nt work!. It is interesting because the vehicle hath to be there in order to do that, it hath to be moving, coming along, facilitated by the traffic and more notably by the lights.

Continued . . .

And now I think, doth that which the foil presents go through me or doth it go around me? I am interested in the technical side of this you see. Perhaps other people are not, perhaps they would only like to buy it, but currently cannot.

Continued . . .

Have those of you that sell specialist equipment (at the lower end of the market), which is not currently on the high street, thought about setting up a shop in full view? Who would be against this, and would they present themselves as to say so?


What I meant was, do not dismantle unless you can redo within a set period! Ie, an hour, two hours, a half a day, a day etc. It took me about three hours to redo the back piece (like a Currys advert), now it is better in that it is, I think, stronger connected for foil! For it is seth that foil is alright. The same distance more or less but now I can get in the kitchen. The wire is not straignt or upright, but this will not matter with foil. The connections are at the bottom, one on each, and are about three inches taped in place. At the other end it winds around the pipe on the horizontal bit. It is lower than I would have liked, being a bit lower than the box, but it is not lower than the lid! I do not expect this to stop my neighbor, for he is on the negative line a lot, but I do expect it to stop broadcasting outside of the building.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Continued . . .

There were a number of things on my mind today which sayeth here at the shop. Now there are two, and one I have forgot. Perhaps as is the case with the good police (for Coppers Rod and Bond etc are good police), they being an authority of some kind could charge those people making non-emergency 999 calls (which turn out not to be) with wasting ambulance time and putting the public in danger. I myself once made, when I was but a young man, a hoax call the police, and under their questioning during which they said that that could charge me drink driving (it must have been when I had one of the scooters, yes I recall that it was) - no it was another time - when the can was a non-alcoholic one (couldn't see the text), that my call had nearly caused him (driver and passenger to clip a car wing at speed). Ie a very bad accident.

So the police are there with the ambulance tending to a seriously ill person, but findeth that the condition is not that hot, so they begin a process of placing said persons under arrest for wasting ambulance time and putting the public in danger. They hold them in a cell overnight and strip them, with some breakfast and tea, and generally speak like they were partners in marriage, a cell group, or social circle of some kind. Let's enter into a business to stamp out these maniacs by stealth.

Continued . . .

Perhaps they would think like that! Albeit not all of the time. This having been about my mind all this time, and how many of us could run a search for such wording as that which I have hear described? And what would be the point of it?

I could continue here of course, do a little script text wise then paint it at the place. Then the text would be plagiarised weeks in advance of the upload and the plagarith forgotten by all those which seeth (for there are many that did not).

We have enough available for our titilation in XP, even in 98se and albeit the 98 series. With all the programs that pop up (this is the wrong word) at the Start Menu. I once useth ms as an extension inadvertently which was plagiarised. I did not like it of course (s?), but then I recalled through readeth that it is also the initials of Military Standard.

Continued . . .

It is partly my fault (well not really), but others are thinking the same thing. And why is it that, in both cases perhaps more, there is a reluctance? (The words are on my mind but sayeth not). Not yet, perhaps another time.

It is very hot, it has been for a couple of days, the sun is out. I have not forgotten that you having said that this is a fleece. But it is hotter in cars, and it will be if he keeps up this act ha ha. You know I'm only joking.

So I have done something about that, and now I think is that alright? I think it is, for physics tells me remembereth of that which having read, that it will be. Although it may presume this as being a weakness in the doth. It may useth it as one even though it is not.

Continued . . .

"Let us know what he is doing, and where he may go. Go there in advance. But I charge you not to do anything whatsoever that will permit him to subtley promote that cause, because through your mouths, even actions, will will have to put it out everywhere." (As we cannot now do this anymore with his doth (and with other peoples' doths), we will do it with his coloreth, and with the patterns and such that this shows us)." So it was that a hump or something behind a catepillar's head (there were three) appeareth in a picture in the Time Out magazine advertising a cinema film thereof. A coincidence, no I don't think so, it is a most remarkable picture, and I was thinking it. Those of you in it, please replace it with something else.

Continued . . .

I know that you have not done this before because it is not something that you would do. But I challenge those of you that work in agencies to write your next novel or documentary, non-fiction, using foil. And to tell us that this is what you are doing.

Those of you like I having doth, whether looketh or not, whether instructed or not, whether having understandeth or not, and people who appear eager to promote to the extent of letting me know then proceeding to copy the most minor of deviances, albeit not knoweth what they are doing, if you have doubts do not dismantle but upgrade it, tweak it, layer it, make it better so that useth if you want.


Even now I am not so sure but what can you do? (Look at what other people are doing via the search engines). It was all quiet for about 40 minutes then as I opened my email here an ambulance went off. Perhaps it is on the positive line (or the negative one as the cases may be). Perhaps the driver is hoping that my interest in him will get him some pay from the television companies. But it is his vehicle that I am interested in.

Monday, 17 August 2009


In Oxford 1


Continuing my blog, there having been a security breach a couple of days ago when both paint and text lifted. It was in the morning editions so I checked it again in the evening, it was the same. It happens and we have to do something about it.

Those of you that do not know (by speculation), the back piece was slanted again so I straightened it. It is how it was before when there was no lifting of anything. I have also strenghened the connections* and wrappeth around the copper, which goeth direct to the pipe.

* It is not balanced, but I having seen that others are not either.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

In Oxford 1

I think my Dla having become confused with other benefits, let's see what happens next week. I having found a professional driving licence, which I am unable to make as my own. I may take you up on that again.

In Oxford 1 (if link doesn't work, go to my photobucket and look in main list, it should be the first one that you see)

Saturday, 8 August 2009


If only I could buy a newspaper and the tv schedule magazine and not see anything in it, whether only a bit or a major article, showing what I hath been doing at the place. But that is too probable so I think I'll skip on the newspaper.

I am very tired, so tired in fact that I have nothing to say.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Continued . . .

Last nights, and the nights before, television news was terrible such that I had to skip in and out of the frequencies like a stealth bomber. Even then I diverted to the fictional option and watched it for a bit while doing my coloring. Yes I am still doing that, I having completed about 300 pictures, perhaps more. Some of them repeat of course and it is heard that the anchors (newsreaders) are driven mad.

Wisdom having come to me last night, such that I thot it best to fire up and take a note of it but there was a problem. It was too hot and it takes too long to start, about 6 minutes including stabelisation, so I having kept it about my head instead. Hopefully more will come.

Continued . . .

These fonts all look the same. One of the more recent sub-stories completed is on the pen, which pluggeth into the pc to copy some things across. As you know only having watched it in the hood. My Dla having not come in by today as having expected, it never comes in on the correct date. The pc was down so the staff kindly restarted them in the 25 minutes or so that it had, and with a zero balance I came here by cab with the change that I have for the weekend.

Words Acquired

Those of you having come here note that my stories about Loch Ness are further down, and back a bit on previous pages, which I think the button of which you can access at the bottom. Those of you having already seen them may of course if you so wish merely regard them as a soundbite.