Tuesday, 29 September 2009

But I am not the only one. There are many that have had this, and hence are headed in the same direction as I am, doing a windeth for the same reason. I have read of it.

Anyway, I thot I might do these little ten scene shorts now, as they suit us better. That and our electronic art. They are easy to make, quick to save, and upload quickly. I kind of like them to such extent that I may continueth forever, along with the street acting.
You see I have always had this, things writeth about my pc at the place appearing on the television word for word. As though the text and story and plot and images were passing from one screen to the other, witht he latter appearing as someone else's work. Again it is partly my own fault for not as yet buying a metal cased pc. And I have still got that now even though useth and our doths are not that important. Once after writeth, and after I having seth here interested parties wise, I switched on the late night news without warning and there was someone being interviewed live, a politician I think. It was as though it knew instantly that I was on and dramatically changed the subject saying to the effect that he does not know if (this is plagiarised text etc). An optical illusion perhaps, but this happens a lot. The television that I watch has a ten foot ariel (analogue) on the roof (among many), which is partly earthed in a stainless steel frame into the mains.
Some of you may be thinking that perhaps there is some type of unknown connection between us - which there may well be - but I think logically like Little Black Box does, in that this cannot be happening in all roads here in London for the entire period that I am on the pc. Hence his useth of the overhead satellite to track them. We will just do that with some Frames and that square and oblong wise in our little doths, but it might catch on. Perhaps other people will do likewise, perhaps they already are and I have not seen there blogs. Perhaps it will be plagiarised by those that make programs for the television thereof. (Everything that is written electronically, even in public, is automatically copyrighted to the writer).
15 minutes later

I was going to update my blog but a siren's gone off.

Then I thought that perhaps many of you readeth do not know how the ambulance (which sounds different siren wise to the fire and police vehicles) - the police vehicles have two types of siren (so far) - would know that I am about to do so, and hence require educating.

The pc and monitors have plastic cases.
Understand that I am not saying this because I would like the court to tell the police to drop the charges (like they had to the first time) - now that they know who I am (in fact the minicab office staff said this to me a month or so ago, but I didn't know what it meant) - so that they cannot repeat that extreme violence that they are looking forward to with extreme relish. I am saying it because I am looking forward to mass panic on the streets of London.
Remember to scroll down this blog, and to previous pages, for the last few days update.
Spike, who is with me, reminded me before I went to the cafe, that I do this myself (sometimes) with my keys thereof. Not carrying them on full view for photo opportunities by everyone with a photo mobile phone, but on occasions when leaving them at my side on the pc desk or on the counter. So I am not faulting them for this action, and I do not expect them all to stop doing it. It looks to me like it has caught on big time, so all that remains is for the computer key-cutting programs to catch up. See, I have told you in advance before it happens.
It is partly my own fault, as I know full well that sound-resistant ear plugs are within my budget and suitable for the street. It has been over a year and I havn't bought them yet. I keep buying the ordinary ones that cost £1 when each set wears out.
It would be fascinating wouldn't it watching them do that as the big circles head down on London (no correction, as the camera zooms in on them as they speed around the roads thereof) - see this will happen in the court room which is why I am not going there.
But I am doing little doths concerning it because this action which people having adopted is quite widespread, and I am probably not the only one.

I was going to go back, and beforehand a girl came and sat on my left side. I thot perhaps she is local and has read my doth, but I was at the point of leaving to go to the cafe to eat thereof. Now I am back again at the same pc and she has gone.

Doth you remember that there is that optical illusion that most writers enjoy, smugly thinking to themselves after writeth (as a siren goes off), that everyone knows about it? I have this at the Southgate bus stop as Little Black Box, Incoming Data, and Pigeons take off, useth a classified satellite thereof.
It is not possible (yet) for a computer to actually do this because it cannot see them as well as we can, and hence they could not be accurately cut.
I always go back to the place with a list of key words for useth in our doths. 3d keys for instance which I must generate.
I am a little sensitive to words, and such things as telephones ringing, but on the plus side a considerable amount of this is useful to me in support of our cause. A telephone ringing that is never answered can give me an opportunity to evangelise people (for I am commanded to) concerning that windeth. Not that I always do, sometimes I do. Perhaps it is a way of socialising.
40 minutes later

To be fair I am tired today, so maybe that has a lot to do with it. Someone once said perhaps that police van had nothing to do with you. Perhaps none of them do, but it happens too much.
Anchor Caught


Anchor Caught - Anchor Court


Anchor Caught - Corrolation


Anchor Caught - Disability & Tempest


Anchor Caught - Electromagnetic Spring


Anchor Caught - Emergency Vehicles


Anchor Caught - Isolation

The police allegation against me is that I approached the crew in the vehicle, opened the side rear door, took out a hammer, and hit the glass three times breaking it.

They showed me the weapon and I said that I had no memory of the incident.
At my house I do of course have a hammer. I also have a sledgehammer, and an interest in improvised explosives which albeit will serve me well later on in filmmaking.
I did not read any of the written statements (testimonies) that the fly-tipper crew and the four witnesses made, which my solicitors sent to me with instructions to read. I told them this and said I would fight blind. By which I mean, I will be guided by another means. (Do not take me literally on the fighting thing). Instead I have and still am basing my procedure solely on what my solicitor said to me at the original interview at their office in Walthamstow, a place which, when I was there and subsequently went back, visiting the market etc, filled me with a kind of dread. Which was "The two fly-tipper crew said they were in the vehicle when I am alleged to have broken the windscreen and side windows three times with a hammer", albeit because the Enfield Council told them to claim Criminal Injuries Compensation.
The allegation against me is attempting to destroy a fly tipper vehicle with a hammer, parked out back of the minicab office. There are four independent witnesses who say it was me. However, the previous letter that solicitors sent to me (not dictated to them) said that the court is not going to ask the four witnesses to appear, but instead read out their testimonies in the court*, unless I contact solicitors and say that I want them to be there.

I did not contact solicitors to instruct this for two reasons: 1. Solicitors should enforce it by default, and 2. It would put be in danger.

From day one, i.e. the next day after it occurred, the minicab office continued their service to me as customer with no sign whatsoever of anything being wrong, and various fly-tipping vehicles and crew have been out back who do not recognise or fear me.
Did you enjoy taking my clothes off? The community police Men have been, in the presence of the women, touching me softly on the shoulder, or arms etc. Almost like they were trying to convey something which even I cannot interpret.
I am happy with the work of my solicitors, and would like therefore to keep the relationship with them now that I have one. It was the police at Edmonton Green that got this solicitors for me. So I guess that was a good choice but there is a problem. I have not as yet told my solicitors that there is a background, as Judge Lyons said, although I did tell them that something is wrong.
It would be best to say that this matter began in July 2002. For current police, fire, and ambulance activities towards me (and the public around me) strongly implies that nothing before this is on any record.
It is my intention today to upload, I think, seven short films that I have made using illustrations, which have the title `Anchor Caught'. This refers to a civilian industrial ship whose anchor has become caught on a rock.

I am not supposed to say anything about the first time I went into major shock, excepting that I nearly chocked on my own tongue while trying to go to sleep in a friend's house, and they were witnesses to it. And also that extreme violence against me and many others was involved.


I was in shock on the train platform this morning, I have had that before. It was as the train came towards me on the other side of the rail line, a lot of people on that platform appearing to be empathising with me.

The same in the mini-cab (after telling the driver to do that which no-one should hear). But when whatever it is said "Now" (no actual word was said), Little Black Box went into Ultra-Advanced-Mode and our Exercise was accurate one hundred percent. The roads were all very empty, no cars, unusual (it could be facilitated by the traffic lights), and as I began the exercise again we passed an ambulance parked at the side of the road.

So we pulled over until a motorcyclist saw us and took note of it.

When we begain the minicab trip, turning onto a road, there was a fly tipper truck parked right in front of us at an angle.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The phone rang six times as the shop was closing (words), and the files saved to My Documents instead of to the floppy disk. There are five of them. It rang again as I logged out, then again as I logged in and was answered, which gives me a couple of minutes to make this additional post.

Some is critical intelligence spoken by people that do not know what they are saying. This is plural, there are many, so many that (the phone rings again and is answered, a local shop perhaps?) - so there is still information left to be said at the court - where you want me to do that act.

a beat

I will continue this rhetoric on Monday.

There were no emergency vehicles on the way here by minicab. The two had come, so I suppose they declined to repeat it. Perhaps they thot I was going back to the place. What would I gain by keeping this inside myself, unless unlike the black boy and others like him, I could somehow negate it. Like I didn't feel anything when the cid man threw his punch. It was pretty hard but he might have pulled it. I told them at the station and they printed out a form with Sergient Eldridge on it. Nevertheless, still there is a problem. What was said there, what was said at solicitors office, what was said in first case at court. Is there a back ground? Are you going to tell me what it is? Can I make it up or are you going to give me a cover story? If I make it up will you confirm it? Sounds like fiction but it is not. If they can arrest me they can arrest anybody.

Did you see the police statement before and after the film like I did? Fuck you and everything that you stand for.
Some of what we listen to becomes more than generalised intelligence. Writers do it all the time who plagarise confidential conversations and discussions for television. And we do it too for more beneficial reasons. Some go further and find out who these people are! While some are interested only in the words. The people that made the allegation against me in association with the minicab office do not know who I am. Either that or they are not working there any more. And there is a problem, one that is an advantage to me.

I know what I shall say to my solicitor, and to the judge. Little Black Box keeps reminding me of it and of course has it saved in a directory. It is almost like the television people speaking live want to remind me too, which would not surprise me. But they do not know, and they do not think that I can do that act.

For the act can be done by all of us, it is metaphorical.
"There is room for one, are you going to make your own way there?"

Ir: What do you think?

"Ok, take care, cheers." Puts keys on counter and talks with owner.

Leaves on his own.

I could not take him down but someone else could. And more notably, gets into a car.

Ok, link with me now right at this point. Whatever you say in response, begin it here.
Everyone here is fearful, as in imminently, of terrorism.
Why don't you try listening to them, we do it all the time. Generalised intelligence mostly. "Let me ring you back, alright, cheers."
Someone shakes his business and car keys as Ir takes some pictures for a 3d image print-out. There is great fear but not on my part! It is fear in the body of Christ, and in all those that in some way adhere to or acknowledge it. In other words, the entire population, but notably here in London. Let us summarise as it is 6.20 pm (40 minutes to go), by saying that it *
Do you remember which sayeth Little Black Box, some rhetoric please. Interpret. (I had the words anyway, but it is odd how there is a response). All of us are affected by this, both terrorism in the UK and what is happening with me. It is time for the people to speak, those that have been coerced for too long by frightened government forces. No, frightened criminal forces. You will appreciate that I am familiar with these, as it is written. What can man do to me when the God Israel can cast the soul into hell?

But, I hear the CID chief(tan) say "None of this will help you at the trial."

This is correct, but I do not fear either you or the trial. What I fear is being raped in a cell by one of you cid people. However this is also what the small black boy fears, so there is a problem. Like I withstood the man's attempts to intimidate overnight - you remember that I reminded you that the boy was there and told the first solicitor (the doctor had a gridcase*), - so I will withstand you for him and the others before the trial. And if you want me to do the act before the Judge then say the magic word.
It is the right time to write this. It is not the right time to speak. Two shop owners having told me recently that "It is disturbing our customers". One asked me to leave saying that the shop was closing, when I was in a social conversation with a young woman at the next pc, who the shop said was printing something. To be fair it was around normal closing time for shops, so I will give them the Benefit of the doubt, but will also test what was said to me. Notably that I can come in and use the pcs again tomorrow.

Do I still have my licence from the police at new scotland yard to drive? This has to be tested as well. I did not drive originally as I did, indeed as many of us did, before those most awful events happened. Do you remember your own involvement in them, what you did, what you said?
IR: Illegal Police Cars.

Undetectable and untracable to cctv. (But not to live overhead satellite). Perhaps violent people with a background like mine (apparently) will assist me when it happens, by doing that which I have asked the Lord God Israel for. But why would they if 1. they do not perceive it like I do because of what they did to us, and 2. there is nothing in it for them?
LITTLE BLACK BOX: Ir, what are many?
I feel oh, a major range of things. It is good that knoweth solicitor is being coerced, as many are *
a beat

Now let's see, I have addressed the police cid units (fire and ambulance) in their big vehicles, I have addressed Judge Lyons, and I have addressed the Lord God Israel (which means those that believe).

And if someone takes this doth down I think I'll dedicate the rest of my days to the study of improvised explosives.

I am as calm as a tree yet as angry at them as a . . .

My rage is boiling, such that the act of which I speak will be easy.

Why don't you facilitate it?
Did I not say to you the people, a month or so ago, that this is purposed to acquire critical intelligence? But the only option is to delay it and say nothing. This turns up the heat to unbearable proportions such as I am not surprised that those planes smashed into the buildings. I appreciate that some of you do not understand the corrolation. But the court has confirmed that there is a background, one that is not known to them.

Be assured therefore that the solicitor is under duress, which means that I have to instruct them.
Little Black Box: Ir speaketh as one angry at being attacked by police. Cid Unit at Edmonton Green have things against him. Eldridge is correct, no coincidence. Used to know him. He is addressing vehicle drivers not thungs, the latter of which could assist him. He is talking about a collision with a vehicle, in full view of the public and cctv, preferably at a time when the people will turn on them.
To Judge Lyons: I am taking as gospel what you said. God will back me up on this. And of the barrister thereof in the interview room. Unlike the little black boy at the station I cannot fear this, so I am prepared to do that act in the court room that the police want to see. There are three acts, I have done one of them before. Give me an opportunity by telling them to turn up the heat. Come at me, try to kill me.
The man leaves (he gets off at a stop where others get off, as will also be the Case with many of you. For none of us can go about legitimate business here without interacting with ground and air loops. It is time to refer to these. They are being corrupted by dodgy mobile phones and their users thereof.

I have began a word document which I told the owners of the shop not to read in the print-out. It will be about the Cid units. The name of the new scotland yard officer which presided over the Case at edmonton green (where there is the shielding) is Eldridge. I ignored this at first, but now, perhaps it will turn me into a full blown terrorist again.
"No problem" (I knew he was a spook). Let's listen in for a bit to what people on the phones are saying. This is called "Listening to the body (of Christ), as people speaketh in tongues, revealeth not what they are saying. Only an interpreter can understand it, and it is one of my abilities. I have another one, and one that I will perform on you in the court room. "Thank you look after yourself." It's an odd line that isn't it, like I might need to acquire a gun.
To the Lord God Israel (worldwide not the actual place), I hearby put to you in public like I did at the Imdb: I will preside over the hit squad and do the first hit, you can do the rest. Like you did before. You like to come at me don't you in your big vehicles, you'd like to go right into me wouldn't you, like you did to the American buildings. But I do not hate you like I did before. But I will take you out.
It is the kind of background that could permit me to officially form a hit squad if the police cid units did not keep arresting me. Shame about the table leg. (landline phone). These can be used windeth around the gas pipe.
I was going to come here this evening and post all this. Well not all of it, not that about the declaration of war against the emergency services. They declared it against me, but like many of you I have a background that made the first case heareth in a private court. My solicitor is spooked by it but currently has forgot.
Perhaps the numbers are slipping, and therefore get printed incorrectly. Let's see what happens on Monday after the police have had time to think about this over the weekend. Mr Rappings said "don't do it" when I thot of scanning solicitor letter for you to see, so I put it in the cupboard where the other one was without looking at the date. I do not know it. So you'll have to send me another one, and do not overlook what was said which I trust you are aware of.
a beat

My funds are about £100 short
Ps. The film was good last night, and I have not as yet bought that blow-torch.
Your letter is worded differently to the previous one, and you have not as yet sent me the one that I asked for. I will contact you before the date of the `trial', when it is safe for me to get there without being hit by police cars.
To My Solicitors: Thank you for your letter which I received this morning. I know that it is written under duress. Do not be afraid of the people that have written it. We can take them out. This may be necessary. Like they did before. The news people will remind you of this.
The cop said that he doesn't know who I am, or what it is about, so I asked him if he had seen the two cop cars. At this point he said "Let's leave it at that, and moved off." I had referred to tempest shielding onto the ipod.
The community cop had weakness in his voice and I told him. He did not use his radio. I said I had noted this. He wanted to know if I required an ambulance, I did not reply. It is easy to call one you just dial 999 and leave a surprise in the road for them.
They were frightened, looking each way, wondering what is going on. I took them on.
Two of them came at me in Enfield Town, lots of women, children, black people, white people . . . fast, furious, angry, raged, loud, which facilitated a discussion for ten minutes with a community cop.


As I used the word plural in my last post, we are officially at war with the emergency services, notably the police.

Friday, 25 September 2009

How many of you have this, are there other blogs which knoweth?
Better to pluraise it I think. Yesterday it was a little difficult watching the news (and adverts), because they are live broadcasting. I have the option of avoiding both these of course and sticking with the fiction. Something about connection being seth, so I thot it was being piped. An odd word to bring to my emphasis. There are basically three options to thinketh, first being everyone can see it, second being everyone in given area can see it ariel wise, and third being only I can see it. I like to think that perhaps the second option ariel-wise is the correct one. Speaking of which . . .
I think I am on my own in the shop, as I cannot see any reflections. A black screen such as the dos prompt is good for this, or a dark colored website etc. That is to say if you would like to know if your own screen is on any of them, but not for anything else.

The second time I played the game against the computer was better than the first time after the man left. I had been downloading compressed folders, seven no eight of them, along with help and faq files complete with a security warning, as they are from an email account. I.e. the url looks safe but they might be viruses.
Copper Folder having come, he is a cyclist. It is 16:55 and he works at Palmers Green.
16:17 those of you hath watching (a lot of steel mesh 2.5 inch in the window), Mr Rappings out the back, the landline phone rings twice as Spike and I complete save as .html files to disk. But caller miscalculates faqs that we have yet to save as text.
15:45 pm
Further to my premise which seeth, those of you in your own doths findeth yourself in someone else's doth, no ammenitites whatsoever, i.e. no carpet, no cooker etc, nothing about your person excepting 4 hours left in a plastic netbook. You've got to complete a very important letter and email it. I know you could put together something which would protect your doth if no-one knoweth you are there, but you suspect that your enemy knows general location, say ten square miles, and is using a scanner on you. Perhaps I will do this as a little story myself, but I want you to do this too.
I find myself at the shop (the one at Southgate so I won't have to repeat myself), doing legitimate business. I bot the two steel rods at the hardware shop in Palmers Green which I am certain the military would be able to make useth.

Beginning Blog

A siren goes off, hence I am beginning this session's blog. Those of you knoweth please track it. I sanction you to do so.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Continued . . .

I have sent some emails (these cannot be tracked). Eighteen minutes to go and what wisdom do I have for you?

The helicopter remindeth us of the fan light, perhaps we will get some of those (but there is a problem). Not a big problem, more a technical one. Seeth is showing me his location, so I have told you, and you can use something more powerful than a seeth on him because what he is doing is not right. He often miscalculates things, such as to speak when cometh to the end of a cd album, often evern one, as also does the little fly, suggesting corrolation, and the end of a piece of work in the planter when the battery icon showeth that pc is running out of gas. So it is not the actual end he only thinks it is. I have to shut down and power up again to continue it, then it is the actual end. Or the cd has a scratch or a piece of dirt on it which jams the track. He knoweth right from wrong because he varies his mo, which is `modus operandi'.

Continued . . .

Perhaps I shall buy it tomorrow when he drives me into the hardware shop at Palmers Green. Perhaps I will buy it especially for him. You have to have a certain confidence to use it. Perhaps I have that confidence. Like I do useth a windeth around the pipe. The connection is strong enough such that logic tells me that it should work, even at that end of it. It is only a planter not the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet, as was the case before. That didn't work connected to anything, and an ex-electrical installer couldn't get it to work either.

Continued . . .

Spike is with me, as is always the case. I do not feel like he would, I feel like creating a really big scene in front of everyone. Perhaps he attempting to sabotage my blog. Perhaps he is trying to camoflage himself among the public, to see if Little Black Box can pick him out thereof. We can always delete the line that may offend him, but then again we could add to it with something worse. Something that I have in mind but have not bought yet.

Continued . . .

a beat

Contiinued . . .

This is not something that Abel Cane can do - yet. I feel reasonably able to having windeth several times around the horizontal section of the pipe, which didn't work when I laid the radio ariel to it. But we must also consider the Oxford script as to its continuation. Nevertheless it is such now that probably this is what is going to be required to stop them.

Twenty Minutes Later

You're lucky I didn't stop your vehicle and shoot you dead.

Continued . . .

a beat

Little Black Box loads `Google Earth' in live mode as a siren goes off.

Continued . . .

There are Two People in the shop, a man and a woman! Seeth hath located me.

Continued . . .

Sometimes of course we switch to the battery. One assumes that both Seeth and Mr Rappings useth their monitors (emphasis on word) are shielding them adequately, which is odd as I have not been able to find any new pipes outside. So let's assume that they being unseen are doing it adequately for domestic use. I having told Abel Cane to continueth for the non-important work, and if Seeth doesn't like what he sees then he will have to direct his scanner somewhere else. Otherwise the authorities will have to make him do so.

Continued . . .

My doth feels like those that are doth. And as my work now is not as important as it once was, I hath continuing on the mains for this work. I having told Abel Cane to do the same, keeping it in mind that his house is near the house of Mr Soiltypes and the house of Useth. The latter in particular, but perhaps not the former, ought ensure that he can continueth without alarms. Sometimes a car alarm goes off shortly before I think about firing up, and he has seth the same. It may be a coincidence but we think it is a signal, albeit a false one.


Little Black Box tracked the serial numbers but will keep these safe. Meantime I having done a series of little doths, the type for Abel Cane who is still at Bit-Part's. I will upload them soon, but I must seth some about them here to Cover myself so that I can watch the adverts and news on television.

To: Mr Lawrence

You know that this is my language! There are no sirens. The Cab Office which featureth seth, said Man did not pay money at Southgate, so I asked if they wanted it. They seth yes and I gave them ten pounds. They said they can get it to you.

Friday, 18 September 2009

And why would they, for they have everything to lose.
a beat

I was going to say that the cab office has steel mesh all around its windows, and wires out the back entering ground pipes, but if I get too close they might not serve me. In any case one is not permitted to do so even in those doths that are not certified (only militia is certified). It is the same cab office that is bring the case. That is to say, they have not as yet dropped the charges like the did in the first one.
Little Black Box runs retoric and sends three emails.
I went out at 4.30 to check my Dla, as to if it had come in. It is recorded that, depite date oddities, it should have been today. It has come in, but the figures are £40 short than what I had.
Then two police officers came, so while standng with my back against the tree (chosen because they were there), we had a lengthy chat about, uh, sheiding. They said they know of the advert, and therefore understood that I was doing that. There were a lot of witnesses, and audience thereof, watching both the act and the chat. I enjoyed that too. They said it was there district (word mine), and therefore understood when I suggested there was a correlation between the police car and I when it happens a lot. I said it is hard to prove (unless you have live coverage using google earth, and can zoom in closer than civilians), but it has been filmed.
I got out of the cab to break the circuit (if there is one), and it went past loud with the siren on. Better me than everyone else eh? Then asked the drivers of suitable cars and vans if they can facilitate it for me to create a scene. A big one. Some accepted, others declined. Then I did that advert promotion thing (originally plagiarised from me) with my arms held up against a lamppost, first one then two, then a tree. I did this for a very long time, much longer than most people could. And I enjoyed it. For I enjoy being a street actor.


I am at Southgate again, where the Big Roundabout is (or rather, I am in the shop). Little Black Box was doing his thing on the way by cab, color matching and that (things that seem to me to be perhaps classified in their nature), and a speeding police car met us at the roundabout (as the Cab office said). There was going to be a meeting.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A militia could do it that I know, and I want to be able to do it too. I having achieved copy protection through the case (at least logic tells me this porch-wise), so I'll leave it as it is for a while until that most important information is acquired through the search engines. That is not to say that I think yours to be incorrect or unnecessary, for you it is, but with what I am working on right now logic tells me that that most basic thing will suffice. Or perhaps that and a little more. For surely Mr Rappings is not using anything more than a basic seeth, and email.
And yet I am aspired by those of you like militia or ex thereof that could do this wherever you find yourself to be. You having shown us doeth at your own doth, now showeth us doeth at someone else's doth, where nothing is available excepting the basic ammentities.
I suppose it would be correct to say that the underground section was already there. And Spike being what he he likes to drive the vehicles down there without looking, but we are not quite sure what is meant by this. If he is working with Little Black Box, as each of our characters are, then evidently to say that he was doing this blind would be a little incorrect.

It is the same with me. And I will assume others. Even that most basic knowledge about layout would permit someone like Spike to get the cars into their correct positions in the parking bays without looking. But he is Spike and I am me, I have considerable doubts about doing this.

Nevertheless it is a possibility.
Half hour later

I did a few illustrations that now I think it would be better to show to the crew, as they are of a kind that perhaps experimenteth there with them, as to upload I think would be incorrect. But I don't know. First I will see if anyone else has done so at their sites, in the search engines, and if I find that they have then I will do likewise.

As knoweth Mr Rappings is about the negative line clock-wise, this being partly his own fault - who can say what the correct time is? - and I observed a couple of nights ago as I was thinking about these things, that the negative line which he runneth along is parallel with both the water pipe and the gas pipe.
It taketh a lot out of you drawing such illustrations as these, but I am weareth the coat again and it is hot. I thot it was a little cold out but it is not. Last night we all got caught up in a massive thunderstorm, no, rainfall such that I was concerned about forked lightning while going under the trees. Fortunately there were shops around and bus stops so I kept close to those. I am not sure how good they would be, having tested the latter to some extent thereof in another context.
Development In Oxford 04 (illustration):


Development In Oxford 05 (illustration):


It is Spike's job to drive them.
a beat
I was going to leave it until Saturday but it seemed more important to me to come again today, I have the sheets with me so I will be ocntinuing that.

I phoned the Dla to no avail, perhaps it will come in late. Friday perhaps, then it will get recorded as being the 13th to the 15th or something thereabouts. I have the term three weeks about my mind, concerning its schedule, so in any case (and people do have them) it will only be a little while that I have to wait.


I find myself at the shop again. I had some cover on the way here but told the driver to stop a couple of times and wait so as to confuse things.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I am growing tired, I may not do them all. Continueth on another day, but there is one in particular that I want to do.
Development In Oxford (Illustration 2):


Illustration 3:

Do those of you that knoweth about this think that this illustration is correct, which I did not learn from the papers that I read. I have my own mind as to thinketh, being already learned to some extent in this subject matter. It is conceivable that I would not have thought of this illustration had I not read those papers. And I bet that some of you overlooked it.

Continued . . .

Development In Oxford 01 ((Illustration):


Continued . . .

Half hour later.

Ok I've watched the film and I've looked at the art, I am pleased with what I have seen. Now I must copy-paint from the A4 sheets (and also I must look at other peoples' sites concerning this most fundamental windeth, so that I must do it).
I have a heavy coat as it is a little cold and rainy here, which I must take off.

Continued . . .

A beat

And they, in particular the Abels and Misa with Spike, find things to do - some of this is in the Paint - I will ask you not to copy any of this, about which you get the drift.

I wish to read my titilation then play some games, to pit myself against the computer, or then again perhaps I should continueth the text and do that before I begin the Paint.

Bit-Part 3 having a similar boiler, Spike was inspecting it compared with where she wants to have her doth. There seems to be some similarity calculation-wise between the position of the windeth and the doth, but this is not fully understood not least by us, nor really by him. We suspect that Little Black Box knoweth but is not letting on.

Continued . . .

For who of us could do this on a hill in Oxford without being seen?

Continued . . .

Useth and Bit-Part, who is at her apartment here working on and off with small independent film-making companies, have laid out the initial ground plan for the house, and they are staying in a 22 foot trailer which they were able to buy at a reasonable cost, anchored into the ground of course in a case a strong wind kicks up. The cabin is already there, built by the previous developer who has gone to Europe.

They do not yet have all the parts that are acquired to build the house, nor even really to begin to do so, so they are using the land for some little experiments and projects.

One of these is a large metal tree house which serves as the title and a sign, and unfolds as the tree-house strong enough for the Abels and Misa to get into. The title reads, on both sides, a little higher up then the roof of the trailer and its air conditioner, as: The Land Of Useth (in Oxford).

Continued . . .

As you know from my previous entries here, we occupy a large piece of land on the top of a forty foot hill, which on the North West side overlooks a stream then a wood. We will be going fishing there, and perhaps hunting in the wood if we can get someone to show us. Sashi asked me if I'd like to join such a club as this. In contrast to other people that I met which had equipment but did not ask me, and at that time I did not ask them. Now of course I will but there are spooks around me, which reminds me of my character Spirit Level. He has been about my mind for some weeks now. Spirit Level does not work for me, and neither do measuring tapes, and as a matter of interest neither do digital electronic lasers, for putting such things as shelves up. So for the time being I am sticking with pictures which have one screw, but I have put things up that have two, and one big picture I put multiple screws around an electric light switch, partly assisted by Mr Rappings.

Continued . . .

It should be easy but it is not, and we must leave room for the bespoke and specialist companies so that those with money will spend it. If they stopped doing this even with evil purposes the world would stop turning. Or rather the earth would, speaking of which. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Continued . . .

So to the development in Oxford. I will do this in text first, then work on the illustrations. This is for myself and my crew (characters) of course, and it seems to me better to do this here at the shop copy-painting from the A4 sheets in front of anyone that comes in, than to do it on my home doth putting the sheets inside the planter in front of Mr Rappings.

Mr Rappings is mentally ill and has carers come round to see him. It is probably plural in that it goes on everywhere here, in many conversions the walls, ceilings, and floors are paper thin and there is no way that the ordinary layman can, without instruction, apply sound-proofing.

Continued . . .

In fact everyone that gets arrested by the Edmonton Green police, handcuffed and Stripped (the handcuffs are pretty neat shape wise), gets a first-hand view of it in the form of strong galvanised steel shielding in the waiting room, as well as a strong steel faraday cage in the rear of the van. I bet it is hard to earth that onto the battery.

Continued . . .

Shall I tell you about all the young women on the two busses, notably the first one, or about the one with the plastic Apple that I ended up having a chat with (a civilian)? Only that I didn't know who they were, but I thot it odd that, as it were, they knew of my movements. But then again Incoming Data and Little Black Box knoweth of theirs, all of them simultaneously no matter what they do. He sometimes permits seeth.

Or about the two maniacs in the speeding police cars that overtook the second bus nearing seventy miles per hour forty feet away from a dark dual carriageway and massive intersection in the dark? They have IT specialists at New Scotland Yard that I have had email correspondence with, so perhaps they will us the public here in London with this most necessary doth. Perhaps they will at least begin that process.
Some projects that I completed for Abel Cane are on the pen, but I having not navigated to those sub-folders. Shall I upload those, I do not know. They were experimental and more for him not for me, to take his mind off the doth. Last night he went to see Bit-Part 3 at her studio apartment here, with Spike and Misa, and Abel Foil came from Urquhart for a while. We were at Bit-Part 3's apartment discussing the Oxford Doth, where I have yet to go.
Electronic Art 1






Continued . . .

A beat

Continued . . .

In Oxford 2, which was completed a few weeks ago, I do not recall what was on it but I shall watch it myself in a few minutes of course.


Continued . . .

I have brought the sheets with me and some acquire paint. So I shall be working in the Paint program here at the shop today before uploading them for your approval. Paint is one of the most basic programs that was included in Windows 3 (or perhaps 1), and it was good of them to keep it.


Those of you that seeth instantly (by rss feed), I find myself at the shop again. I got here in 20 minutes after Mr Rappings spoke. Mr Rappings is Ir's upstairs neighbor. Last night I began, or rather continueth, a development at Oxford using pen and A4 paper on a technical drawing board, albeit a low priced one, and I would like to let you know what it is.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Continued . . .

Do I simply run wires of the correct thicknetss from the upper area, i.e. underneath the boiler, to the planter and the backing foil (4 layers), do they have to be straight, i.e. near horizontal, or can they be a little curved? Some people do this differently you see. Apparently some can make it work using horizontal wiring with their doth plugged into ports, while others have great difficulty getting it to work even with the wiring going at a steep downward angle. One assumes that the two inlet pipes (*the gas one of which going the length of the flat has a 240v mains electric cable on top of it in regular insulation sleeve), being hardpiped by a professional plumber and gas engineer, will serve well as the upward push that is required.

Continued . . .

I must look up some more sites concerning such things as how to correctly - assuming that I have not - connect the two or more leads to the water pipe. Currently both are under the main, so my stories about the fire engine are going to be interesting. I'll start off with the bus at Edmonton Green bus depot where the act occurred. Having read through some more last night, I inadvertently (having had it in mind or something thereabouts) removed the door of the gas boiler while doing some cleaning there. As one would expect it contains pipes. It is assumed that one of these is the gas inlet pipe*, one is the cold water inlet pipe, and the rest are the hot water outlet pipes to the four radiators. The boiler does of course fire up from the mains.

Continued . . .

I have received some initial feedback (by auto-interpretation), multiple sources. It said: "Remember that it was the jobcenter staff - all of them - which initiated the two court cases."

Continued . . .

a beat

Continued . . .

Now another siren goes off, probably a police car following it. To suggest an Air of authenticity. Shame about the hoax at the other end of it. Can you give me some authentic feedback (i.e. not on the tv) concerning what type of call out it was? I.e. has a bomb exploded, as that is what it sounds like to me.

Continued . . .

An ambulance goes off out on the main road at the Southgate roundabout. Driven by Madges Rafters and her passenger radio operator Roger Elint. The vehicle carries on board equipment fueled by nitrous oxide, which is a gas that I am familiar with.

Continued . . .

Perhaps the Ambulance Driver did not have his headlights on.

Perhaps I am miscalculating the position inside my flat where the spike has to be sledgehammered in blind.

Continued . . .

Or perhaps I miscalculated something, as may have been the case the last time when I told you. Those of you to whom my interests matter and are a concern. Last month it was paid on the 13th, the day after I told you, and on the same day that confirmation was sent to me.

Continued . . .

Perhaps my solicitor will be able to do something about it in the forthcoming case . . . *


The day on which my benefit is normally paid. This day it was not paid. Something was paid last week, at the end of it, either my benefit or my Dla.

So I checked the Balance today, late in the day, there was a . . . *

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Continued . . .

Recently it having been seth that Seeth cannot be found, while another site cites the car parked outside his house.

I am not suggesting that one ought try to establish if that car is a suspect, but certainly it must give that site the location of the wall that is to be acquired.

Then Seeth would have a problem, yes?


I have educated myself therefore and what have I gained?

Have I learned anything that I did not already know? Have I learned anything that I did not know? Have I learned to do that most necessary thing any better than it already is?

Some sites speak about balance, other sites about full enclosures. Yet many people maintain their existing doths like I do, saying that it works for them.

Seeth is a problem, when anchors tell you that it is not working.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Continued . . .

The act was a bit silly, although you know that it has a purpose. Just about anything could facilitate our doth. Words were exchanged, sometimes this is its purpose. Mine were scarce of course, knoweth, and specific to our doth. I suppose those which speaking will have to discuss the matter between themselves before they comprehend what it meant.

Scenes 1 to 3 were inadvertently done on the mains, so these apparently will have been seen, but after this I turned it off. It is not know why seen is maintained when it is off, but anyway I have began this little story, which is titled The Fire Engine.


I find myself down at Southgate again, where I was yesterday. At the moment it is quiet, I'll let you know when this changes. It is hot, but not so hot that I find myself overcome with heat. Last night, or rather in the late afternoon a fire engine took off after more than an hour of quiet from the pa system at Edmonton Green bus depot, driven by Pekme Props, so I did a little act then began a short project (one of many?) based on it. I thought it was Madges Rafters but it was not.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Words Acquired

Watching Gmtv this morning I became tired and went back to bed. Having been on the pharmaceutical items of my most critical selection, to overcome a fever thereof. I hope it is not swine flu. (The landline phone here rings twice).

Some of you, or is it many, do not know, which is ok I suppose. We must educate you, and myself doth-wise with issues thereof must apply that education speaketh to myself. Do not dismantle unless you can redo.

How many of you are capable of putting a spike in blind?