Saturday, 27 June 2009


12.25 pm, the afternoon! It is hot here, and I hear that it is only 400 miles to Scotland, and another 400 to Inverness, which both are doable. In two days perhaps like my two friends did a long time ago in their car, albeit in one day. And other friends to the upper most point of Scotland where they stayed for a while. So hot here, the sun is out, and I am very tired. Abel Cane is working with Little Black Box. I have asked him to tone it down a bit or it will give our enemy critical intelligence. Spike is with me, he goes with me everywhere. The other night, midnight, we slept in the park. Not because there is cctv there but because there were no evergency veicles around.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Our doth is not heavy

In the Book of Job it hath sayeth that the man of God had sores all about him such that pottereth. Doth this mean that he hath no knowledge of what he might put about them?

Also it hath sayeth that he hath three consultants which spake with him, each and all of which likewise sayeth nothing about things that might healeth him, or at least reduce his ailment. Doth that mean that there was not anything?

Series 4 Episodes 3 and 4 are completed.