Monday, 14 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Monday 14th February 2011

The enquiry is under way: I have sent an email of reply to my correspondent at the Department of Health, putting two or three questions to them. I also sent an accompanying email within minutes after the first one, bearing the same reference number in the heading, to advise marking print-out with the date 14th February 2011, and putting a notepad file (the filename itself would be better) into their email account. As my cc appeared not have the date on it.

I am of course saving my correspondence to disk in chronological order, as well I have saved the actual webpage version of the emails to disk as .html files, and also I have taken snapshots of the email account showing the DH name and reference number in the list, with my two replies at top showing same. These would be presented to the prosecution solicitor for them to look at.

It is a technical problem at my email account end, nothing more and nothing less.

I have in my email told my correspondent that I am awaiting email replies from the person that I had a constructive discussion with at the Edmonton Community Mental Health Services, from the local safer neighborhood police, and from my solicitors who took three defence cases for me in recent history, and that it has been more than a week.

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