Friday, 25 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) 25th February 2011 - Post 1

Things take place in the courts which the orginary person does not know anything about. They might wonder when reading something in a newspaper or watching something on the television news why this or that happened. Even in special courts things take place that make it necessary of the defendent to assume responsibility over that which their defence solicitors are saying. For they cannot do anything there without their client's permission.

Is it still taking place today?

Re an email to Natasha: Natasha, I note that you have omitted wording that the Magistrate has power to section in this case. So I will keep my mind focussed on that.

Those of you that feel able to address the doctors and judges involved in your or other peoples cases, or circumstances before it goes to the courts, ought to write your emails and letters like this:

Dear Mr Potter,

As you were the first person I met after being detained by Anselem Ekeh back in 2009 it seems from my record, I wonder if you would like an opportunity to comment on that matter. I am looking into it and the circumstances surrounding it in some considerable detail, as I and other people would like to know exactly what took place and why.

Re my email to you on Friday December 18th 2009 headed Lawrence Potter - 1.

The actions implemented against me on that occasion by Anselem Ekeh and what appears to be the Haringey Police Liason Unit was a bit over-the-top, I think. It was not necessary for ten doctors and police to come to my house dressed up in riot gear, as they had no evidence or suspician against me. Indeed one of the doctors that interviewed me at Chase Farm said that "We have no evidence that you have done anything wrong."

I am investigating this matter in some detail for the purpose, as I have proposed, to prosecute Anselem Ekeh in due course.

Do you have any comments that you would like to give me that would help me to clarify what took place and why?

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