Friday, 11 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011

There was major news on several channels last night and in the evening, each one of course professed by one speaker reading the teletype - news being inserted into the program without warning on a narrow display panel source unknown - speaking both of shooting of a police offiicer in head, injuries, and of an explosion. Both appear to be major coincidence, or as I assume, plagiarism of manual typewriter. However it has given me ideas concerning the new armed forces Duty Of Care Bill which is soon to be published. If it is the same thing as the mental health one, along with its powers to act, then in the armed forces one it would be defeatist. So I am going to be commenting on that.

We have sixty plus pages of our scipt, which now has many scenes with dialogue between various characters. We are keeping the scenes and dialogue pieces quite small, i.e. six or seven exchanges of words, throughout the story, the scenes cutting from one to another written in near-chronological order. I would only be able to make a trailer of it, if indeed I proceed to do this, and more likely the script will be copy-typed to Final Draft, copyrighted, then sent out to agents, hopefully at a time when there is more media attention about such cases in the courts.

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