Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 15th February 2011 - Post 3

Reader take note, this is the third post today. There are two headings below that are the same. You must read from the first one.

Anselem Akeh states in handwriting on a pre-typed or word processed letter:

I am writing to inform you that a CPA Review appointment has been booked for you to meet with a doctor and myself (your Care Co-ordinator) on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at 10.30 at the above address.

The wording continues in two paragraphs that would be brought into question in the court room, both a prosecution one and a defence one, and ends with:

I look forward to seeing you on this date.

The words `a doctor' strongly implies that he has been told by Hm that she is leaving at the end of February. And will write a long detailed letter for me to say `was initially willing to make own appointment after six months' etc, `but is now unwilling for his own legal reasons'. However it is possible, but I think unlikely, that Anselem Ekeh was told this by Hm, that she was leaving, the `a doctor' not referring to any particular doctor as I had discussed with Hm, but had not at that point been told by Hm to back off. This will become established when I have a closer look at the dates.

I will be beginning my prosecution document for solicitor with a photocopy of this letter, which will be page 1.

I have began the process of putting flyers around, handing them to people. This is better than to put them up on public display where people protecting Anselem will take them down.

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