Friday, 4 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday

I have had the first of the verbal enquiries, which was interesting. A whole load of sirens went off at the same time giving me an apportunity to draw my interviewy's ear to them, saying that I wonder if other people are having a similar problem. What wonderful noise they make. One suspects that they are waiting further back along the road in preparation for a phone call, currently one that is not being traced. If it is a coincidence it is a major one. One that could theoretically open doors in court places. It would be easy to ambush.

I have an annoying pop up which suggests that there is interest in this case.

I am working with my characters from the Loch Ness stories, such as Bits and Little Black Box, on a new premise, one which incorporates our characters. It appears to me that even this is being lifted, as it is being done on a manual typewriter. But last night as I continued to listen to the news-like programs on the television thereof, I was granted critical wisdom concerning something that I have to profess in the next verbal enquiry, which will be on Tuesday.

The issue of color came up on the bus as I came here courtesy of the general public apparently playing into this theme, under the watchful eye of my God, courtesy of a double color match which Little Black Box advised required a third one to confirm. We got that confirmation immediately. But we do not always do this, only when there is something going on. We also tested it and got a result from both of the original people that had done it.

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