Saturday, 29 January 2011

Post 4

He said that he would answer my questions. I doubt that he will and I expect some of them to be difficult for him, and also for her. Questions such as if his assumed immunutity to prosecution is valid or is actually based on difficult beaurocrasy. It happens that I have began this inquiry at a time when some Mp's are being sent to prison, and when at other times in recent history some police officers have been too. Although their cases are different in their nature to mine, we have yet to be able - all of us, single people living on their own, solicitors, people in Government, police etc, - to get the courts to accept the prosecution of doctors and social workers in this country. All it will take is two or three cases to go through the courts with a little media attention of it for me to get the prosecution going. Or if I may, and after a couple of months to overtake that conditional discharge, to get myself arrested for something that would guarantee a crown court trial, with solicitors informed in advance, with my defence being the violation of my human rights with violence, abduction, and psychological distress in my house. How would any of these people like it if we did this to them. A nice little set of abduction with violence off the street, in cafes, pubs, their place of work, their houses, for interrogation under torture, yes. We let them go and then we repeat it and do it again. We would like these other scapegoats have to have clearance of course, by those agencies that want to keep a lid on things such as public protest, so that it does not come to big and get out of hand. But they allow some things, various cases, and sometimes the police turn a blind eye to things, espescially when many people including them want the same information as we do.

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