Saturday, 29 January 2011

Post 2

The social workers at Edmonton Green mainly target single people that are living on their own. As previously explained it would not work with other households. The police ought to keep it in mind, and be instructed thereof, that single people can become agitated by such visits as these. As I was myself for a long period which got me into three caught cases, one at the crown court.
(New paragraph)
In this instance, Al as I shall call him - I do not have powers to state his name publicly at this time - is coming hard at me to such an extent, violating all of my human rights despite that I have expressed them, that it appears to me strongly that he is doing this under devine guidance to get another court case, notably one which I will command at some point in the near future, not to defend - though that would be an advantage to me if my defence would be that my human rights are being violated with violence and abduction at my house, also psychological distress, - but to take as a prosecution with those doors are opened by my God in the courts.

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