Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011 - Post 2

A couple of days ago, probably on the day that the DH sent me a reply thus to begin the enquiry, I received multiple items of unsolicited mail addressed to foreiners supposely living at my house before me. I had received some in the past and had them kept in a pile to give to my landlord. So I copy-typed them onto the paper as a list for use as character names in my story. It is always difficult for us to come up with authentic sounding names, and these will do just fine. We shall keep the pile of nine men and three women mail as our record should it be that later on these people object to what we have done, but the chances are are procedure in doing this may give them a voice. In any case this information was sent to me, so it is now my property and responsibility. Similarly whenever I save a webpage or convert it to Word, Rich Text Format, and to Text, such as the one I got the other day in a search, which gave me the names and occupations of community staff at Edmonton in 2008, I end it with their copyright and mine, because I do not require their permission to use it. I would if the circumstances were legal.

I will not be using further mail for this story, incase someone takes it upon themselves to interact with me by directing what names I use.

So the car horn sounded, which may be signal to people in the local area that I am going out - however there is no problem here at the internet shop - and I have reason to believe that it is just a signal but it is not authentic.

Instead I sat down at the typewriter again where I had been typing for some five hours, and asked myself if there is any wisdom. I then thought that we are going to run out of paper soon, it would be terrible to do so when the news is going to broadcast something, so I would go to Edmonton Green and buy somce more typing paper. We have enough now to last for about two months. I then asked Little Black Box to give me a summary, and he has given me an excellent one, which I can potentially show to the solicitor that I choose. He has listed 3 things, with sub-things on number 2, it being that which will be causing those involved in this matter to be greatly disturbed by it.

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