Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 - Post 3

The person that I had the discussion with said that it is acknowledged that I have the right to pursue both the names and locations and anything else of all the people that did this, which would be in writing or by email, and to pursue a prosecution through a solicitor. They said that Al could not be prosecuted for this violent act because he did not himself do it, unless the solicitor disagreed and took on the case, but I believe that it was acknowledged that he would be an accomplise. Just as the others with him are all accomplices.

As I was leaving I asked for their home address. They did not give it to me but told me which area it is not, which would make a search for it by internet a little easier. But with them I shall not pursue it because they have been of assistance to me. I also said that I want the home addresses of all the people involved in the violent acts against me, and that I want Al's home address as well. My reason being that, concerning an eye for an eye, they have my home address, therefore it is only fair that I can have theirs. They were somewhat perplexed and disturbed by this request, so I said something to the effect that I am only joking. This is not true.
For they may have put something in a message board or somewhere else on the internet, maybe the name of a shop, a flower company, a garage, that will facilitate it of me to home in on them. As soon as I have got the area, someone in it that knows them would accept cash to give it to me. I want them to feel hunted by this revelation, I want them to feel scared, I want them to feel like I am tracking them down in my spare time, and that I might actually find them. I want them to consider the possibility that what they did to me might happen to them. Al has told me that he lives in Tower Hamlets. It would be interesting to know if there are people there that have undergone these acts at the hands of their social worker community, and also how many.

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