Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Wednesday 16th February 2011

Last night, through the early hours, (I have been going to bed at around twelve), we completed our doth at 124 pages. The salmon has reached Enfield Town having succeeded in his mission, he learned quickly, and was excellent in everything that he did and said. I am very pleased with the work of all of our characters that were involved in it, and those that played extras as the antagonists. The next step with this will be to install Final Draft 7 and copy-type the doth scenes into it. Then after that we read and edit it, finalise it, copyright it, and send letters concerning it to agents. And are we going to do it? You bet we are!

We have immediately began another doth which has a similar theme, and will include bits and pieces from it while reminescing about the first doth and our time spent at the loch. It has been like, from time to time throughout our writing of it, that the loch and Urquhart and the castle and Inverness has asked us to be given a mention, so we did. And we went to the lake where the fishing trip is, and we went to Oxford where Copper Rod, Bits, and Useth is, in their trailer near the wood, waiting for the next part of this ongoing story.

In this second doth we have written twelve pages, and it is mainly potential court scenes, a combination of a defence case and a prosecution one, being heard in a special court at Enfield Crown Court. The dialogue is very good, almost like it is coming from someone that is experienced in taking such prosecution cases. And includes characters such as COURT SOLIITOR, JUDGE, HIS PROSECUTION LAWYER etc.

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