Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Sat 12th February 2011 - Post 5

After a time, while I changed to another shop.

I have invited Speed to one of the boards at that site to discuss with me what he knows of my medical history. The site has 8 million members, though of course not all of them are there at the same time. How many are there right now I do not know, I don't think anyone does.

After making posts 1 to 4 here at my blog today I thought that Thursday's posts numbering 8 were that which would impress a solicitor the most, but equally I thought that just as there are many days of posts before it, so likewise today's posts are alright to be here, as a part of the whole. As it is a continuem. I shall have to remember that the 8 posts of Thursday the 10th (actually Friday the 11th) are that which binds the whole together. It is odd as to be an exact match that there is a date oddity, to the extent that I did not see the automated date in the blog heading when posting, just as there is a date oddity in the crown court case defence which the solicitors at Walthamstow know about.

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