Monday, 7 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 2

I may have been a little ambitious in asking our government people - notably those in charge of the case sceduling on the television news - to broadcase both the mental health act and the war on terror at the same time. But I think that the absence of both of them at the same time is interesting. Sometimes when wording is expected by many people, as well as by those intellectual thinkers, it will be broadcast to us inadvertently no matter what case scheduling is chosen. If the schedulers chose a dozen cases (i.e. any news items), those of us that are able to would be able to hear the critical wording that seems to be conveying information directly about our cause.

Last night there were two adverts on television on channel 4 which was plagiarising something that I am writing on a manual typewriter. So I used it as a character like my own one who is going to assist me to home in on critical intelligence concerning tomorrow's discussion, (the landline phone rings and I delete the remainder of the text).

Rather, I am reminded that, if they surround me tomorrow as to be accurate as I entering that place for the discussion, I will probably divert away from it faster than a stealth bomber.

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