Monday, 7 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 4

Last night there were tons of sirens everywhere, in the distance, and there were again as I came out this morning, but again they were keeping their distance. It is interesting how my case may be running parallel to someone else's case, or to several other peoples' cases in the same area. I wounder who they are and what their cases are.

Despite suggesting that my proposal may be flawed, and they I am permitting myself it thereof, and of course I know in advance that Al will bring up the swear words as abuse and blame me for starting it, I am now confident that my proposal is the best that it can be, and probably has no flaws in it. If I can get it into a crown court to be heard by court staff that have read my blog, or if Al succeeds in doing so, then they will lose.

Those of you that want to prosecute your doctor, a doctor, your social worker, or a social worker, you cannot prosecute them but you can put them in the witness box. Indeed they feel willing to go into it. I do not mind if my case goes first or fourth, that is if two or three cases go before me. I am happy to lever it up a bit with Al's demons guiding me. Solicitors take note, do not fear intimidation by those that cannot get out of their cars.

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