Friday, 11 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 6

In the past I did not have access to legal counsel. When I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2002 the staff there with permission from their manager contacted a solicitor of my choice - concerning matters that I will keep confidential - After this I had access to other defence solicitors for various things, including allowing utility companies such as the water board to take me to magistrates courts. I prepared my cases each time in writing on my word processor and gave them to each solicitor, who I feel sure read them with eagerness - for that is how it seemed to me, i.e. they were impressed (to quote something on last's nights television, a film I think that had some scenes of people about to be executed in the chair) - then advised me and took on the cases. I won every one of them. I think there about six or seven in all. Then the Community Mental Health Services people left me alone after a solicitor negotiated with their manager. That was the situation in 2010 before I met Al.

I am therefore at the beginning of putting together a word processor document which later on when a time is right I will present to a prosecution solicitor, or other type of lawyer, to prosecute Al. And the others will be prosecuted as accomplices.

It could be said that the three court cases, including the crown court one - each taken in special courts not the normal ones - this made me feel uncomfortable but there is an advantage - (the two uniformed police that walked past me while in sitting position in narrow coridor, at time when solicitor was not there, to enter special court and put deal, was intimidating, I declined it - also medical record request repeatedly declined, at end judge did not even look at me concerning it, nothing said) - was a rehearsal. My script includes dialogue and scenes of court cases.

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