Saturday, 5 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday

Yesterday's posts were longer than I had intended, but I am pleased with how they turned out, as I am also with the posts that came before it. Does one correct themselves in a court of law, once having said something under cross-examination? Perhaps they do and perhaps I would. I do not mean to say that I am fearful. This is only the case when something comes through my door, when someone knocks on it because it might be him, and when people smash the door down or send me a letter threatening to. Such letters can be delivered by hand (suggesting fear of interception or letters going astray). Normally when I am engaged in an email or letter enquiry with a legal body, first class post is sufficient. Our letters are either not read by anyone else than to whom it is addressed, or they are read but not diverted.

The God in whose word I believe takes away all fear. For this reason I do not have fear most of the time, no all of the time. But the fear which comes both for me and for the others when even simple things such as him posting a letter at my house creates fear that is so bad that it can undermime your faith in God. That is to be expected by those of us that are fully aware of the complicated teaches of the Bible, such as if we can see and hear the workings of the antichrist with our eyes and ears when other people are addressing us, but it ought not be the case that this verbal abuse of the greatest kind should be being said to those that have no faith or are young in it.

I really think that our Government should address this problem. It will be aware that I for one, and there are probably man from all backgrounds and walks of life, are able to read all the silent periods that are presented to us by news programs, as well as inadvertent double-talk in them.

It would be good if the Government would say something simple, for instance, concerning these matters, such as to state that there is no corrolation between the mental health service's 28 day incarceration period and the war on terror's 28 day incarceration period, unless it wants all its speakers to inadvertently speak double talk.

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