Friday, 18 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday 18th February 2011 - Post 2

I wrote my reply email to the DH correspondent and am now awaiting a reply, it has been several days. I thought that email correspondence was meant to be quick, as that which I said seems to me could be answered quickly as off the top of the head. But it seems not. The phone rang twice and no-one answered it. I am wondering if my correspondent there has received it. I sent an accompanying letter concerning the absent date, but later saw that my email cc does in fact have the date on it at the far right hand side. The DH, perhaps my correspondent doing so in person rather than someething automated, sent me an automated-type-of-reply back with the reference number which acknowledges receipt of it. But I do not know which one. I am assuming correspondent or office sent auto manually as in person to acknowledge receipt of both. It would be silly of them to send two.

On Wednesday 16th February 2011 I posted a letter to the manager of the Community Health Services in Fore Street concening Anselem Ekeh by recorded delivery, and on Thursday the 17th February 2011 I hand-delivered a copy of it to them and ask them to give it to the manager, it was in a marked envelope. A pop up says printer problem, but I am not printing I am posting on my blog.

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