Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 - Post 2

I have also declined another social worker.

The person with whom I had the discussion said that Al did not and could not order the violence against me at my house, while I say that he did, based on his own words that he said to me, and he appeared to be the one doing the organising both mentally in pre-meditation and potentially in practise, when threatening to do it again. Also they said that it was done partly because there had been an issue with my neighbor. I said that this was point taken, but that I am not pro-neighbors telephoning the social worker services - for they ought not have such knowledge about me being that I do not know any of them, hence it appears to implicate them by their own wording - and ought to telephone the police. That would enable people like I to provide the police with evidence that the neighbor had done things to me, and for the police to ask the neighbor if they are willing to go into a court of law concerning it. I still think, and therefore am still pursuing, that what Al did with ten accomplises of community staff and the police was too much. It violated my right to ignore all of his letters - which themselves would implicate him for pre-meditating it when shown to a jury - and it would also violate my right to defend myself and my property. I thought about that one but do not have it in me. It appears that my words have been sufficient, notably because they have been posted on the internet.

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