Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011 - Post 3

Now I am going to that message board to save many of Speed's posts and replies to disk, in order to look through it at another time and see if there is anything in it that will implicate him before me (this is what the two police did in the court room, effectively informing the judge to be lenient with me), and that I can use in this story where we are giving him a mention via Seeth, the man that owns the gardening shop. (A police siren, it was a police siren not a car horn that put that wisdom in my mind to ask Little Black Box for the summary. The car horn only achieved a delay in my going out to go back and sit down again). And we shall be giving him greater coverage in the sequel of this story that we do after it.

Seeth and one of his customers have been discussing Speed's rhetoric, how it was so close only requiring the omission of two words, and the replacement of another to be an exact match of meaning, as to the probability that he is inadvertently not knowingly assisting me, while equally insulting me (the landline phone rings twice, the man was super-quick picking it up. This time it was nothing I don't think, we have our mind on the speed. See here we have again a word match). But the customer has said that it is unlikely that Speed can say anything that will discredit us. Notably because not everyone knows what our handle is there, we could always deny it, and it would be difficult for Speed to get his rhetoric into a court room, the more so if he is going to undergo questioning concerning it himself. So again me and my witness are on the same track.

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