Saturday, 12 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Saturday 12th February 2011

I have not yet received any reply from my solicitor at Walthamstow or from the person that I had the discussion with, or from the local safer neighborhood police. I will give them another week to reply, i.e. 7 days including the weekends, but mention to my correspondent early next week at the Department of Health, that I am beginning to suspect a conspiracy, i.e. that someone as yet unidentified to me has instructed them each to do this.

But we shall see, it may just be the wording. For this reason I have sent another email to the person that I had the discussion with, stating separation from community like it was before, or I will have to correspond by enail (or by letter) with their manager concerning it. It is probable, unless they have no comprehension of anything, that they know that they are holding on to me by a thread, and that a continuation of care that is not wanted (and which is illegal) will put me in the same situation again as it was with Al pursuing me. So we have to deal with this now. The quicker the better lest I shall be troubled by it in my thinking.

It is sometimes the case that a car horn sounds locally when I am putting my shoes on and am about to go out. It has happened so often now that I will say that it is some kind of warning by someone that can see me. If that is not the case it might just as well be, just as if it is not the case that Speed is reading my blog at a message board that I go on, he might just as well be, as is using near-identical rhetoric.

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