Friday, 11 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Thursday 10th February 2011 - Post 4

I had thought, as to have playing on my mind at all times, that they might have been intercepted. The auto-reply from New Scotland Yard put my mind at rest, until I considered the technical possibility that interceptor may have sent or triggered it, to make me think that New Scotland Yard had received it. Today's reply of email with wording in English has put my mind at rest. My enquiry is not being diverted to another address to stop enquiry from proceeding, but I do assume - as I would suppose most enquirers do - that the correspondence is being read.

So to the armed forces and the new to be published Duty Of Care Bill, which I heard on my television a few days ago. Odd that it was broadcast to me, and therefore to everyone, at same time as plagiarism concerning shooting and the explosion. Next of kin also professed again by one speaker - technically possible for media to do this, knowing similar thing about television as police know who can physically locate an ip address (let's just say I am one of those people that are technically minded more so than any computer magazine, to the extent of forensically examining the soil. For most people would at the most only leave no stone unturned. We go a lot deeper than that. As I have transfer my script to Final Draft in due course. So I again take this opportunity to ask the police compuer unit if they will begin to advertise an affordable service to the public, or otherwise allow other companies to.

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