Friday, 4 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Friday - Post 2

I have not as yet had a reply to my email enquiries to the Nhs and the Police. To the latter I have sent three enquiries to different police units. But we must give them time. I shall give them two weeks to reply, as this is the standard time period that businesses allow, to expect a reply by letter. It may be and would be expected, that they are themselves making enquiries to see if they have permission to reply to me with the information that I am requesting. It is quite possible that the unit about which I am enquiring is an elusive one, that even the police in their own station do not really know about, or as I would suspect might themselves bring its activities into question if they were given credible evidence that their activities are illegal. In the laest of my email enquiries to the third police unit I inadvertently referred to the nhs's CPA process, and those people that decline it. That happens, I have inadvertently given the police intelligence, so we have to go with it. As even this in my case would be overturned in a court of law. Perhaps, perhaps not, in other peoples' cases. And they have to be cases, not merely enforced interviews by the nhs who are not police officers. No police present, no lawyers, is not good.

I watched Marshlands last night being eager to do so thereof, or is it Marchlands, and thot that there were some good bits, the girl running at the start thereof, but the cut to scene two was odd and amateurish, the set pieces were cheap and looked amateurish, and the acting and dialogue likewise. Nevertheless I liked some of the scenes but was generally disappointed.

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