Monday, 7 February 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) - Monday 7th Feb - Post 3

Well I like the way that turned out, I think it is better.

Little Black Box and Pigeons were accompanying me on the bus here just now. I sent them ahead to the big intersection, then to Edmonton Green, to take multiple ariel footage of any police and ambulence vehicles doing illegal things in the traffic. It was completely silent, excepting that we were accurate in anticipating similar things, before bypassing them because there are civilians.

Little Black Box and Pigeons are doing what they want right now as I work here to post this, and then go to another site that has a lot of message boards. Some of you will know where that is. If I can't post here because there are people in the shop then I post there, and transfer the text here later on.

I am working on a story about a salmon who travels down from a lake in Scotland to Enfield, who has been given two very important things to do along the way. Little Black Box and Pigeons are on board, and Bit-Part and I are in consultation concerning it. We have made much progress in both the story and the plot since we began it four or five days ago. He is a small fish, but he grows bigger along the way, taking in rivers and black water canals and their pretty narrowboats. The story which may be a short film or a short story, incorporates the mental health act abuses and violation of human rights, the war on terror, and this elusive police unit. When I present it online a long time henceforth, I hope to present it as being credible.

Last night critical intelligence came to me saying: In fact that character said it who is working for me: "That police unit may be the same one as those that are surrounding you."

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