Saturday, 28 May 2011


Sometimes I wonder how a child plays. If you buy them a digger, how do they spend hours with it? But I think I know the answer for it is the same as us. They must create fantasy sets and push it around in it.

Last night I went to the freehouse and had three pints, it was what I was going to have. I had another one then, as is always the case, as the glass emptied with an inch or so to go, someone called or psychically alerted the emergency services to go past to corrupt the set as I would make my way to the bus stop, saying "Ir, again there are things that you have missed which you will see and interact with if you stay and buy another one. I have learned this now, it is quantum physics. The people that came in were nice. The three whistlers were interesting, each one doing so on the way out (a siren, what is it with these aluminium foil shielded desktops hmmm?), which invoked mental exercises to establish the quantum mechanics that revealed intelligence. But I suspect, apart from them being cops, that (they do not carry handcuffs when wearing civilian clothes) that the mental exercises would be accurate anyway, that it would reveal intelligenge anyway, and that it would reveal quantum mechanics anyway. Excepting that it permits me to home in on  and to pinpoint things.

It became very noisy at the time got late, and a security guard apparently there as an anchor for people to move around, prompted me to do a second set of exercises. I think it is a part of who I am now. It would probably be boring to be sitting there in ignorance like a lot of people, or as those who think the security guard could do anything other than to observe as a man got into a car.

What is it with these things. Do you think he really does that or is he exploiting weaknesses?

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