Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday 27th May 2011

Those of you looketh will be pleased to hear that I have completed the doth except for the credit list. I imagine it will be another week before we attempt upload for the maximum ten minute slot. I have enjoyed the four months that we spent doing it, with the two sets of set design, and the difficult things that had to be overcome such as numerous pastings on top of color regions. As I may have said previously, some of the 36 scenes each took four weeks to do. So hold your breath and wish us well for the upload. we have put all the scenes into the Windows Movie Maker and they are on the timeline, which switcheth, and we have to - yes we have to do that as well - bring each scene in at 15 seconds, 12 seconds, or 10 secons respectively to complete it at 9.5 minutes.

Our numerous scripts are taking shape, and I suppose we will of course immediately begin work on the sequel doth.

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