Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Casting My Bread - 27-4-11 - Post 1 of 1

Continuing the Casting My Bread saga, I have been going to the Mental Health Forum recently which seems to me to be a better place than my own new board Against Illegal Actions by NHS And Police (or words to this effect), which instead of a testimonies board shall become an information one. I will probably put a certain amount of information on it over a long period of time then leave off for a while, leaving it to do its thing as a small site. So I will add more boards to it of interest, make my own posts and see if anyone joines and replies. This feedback that I got seems to imply that the amount of people with testimonies would be minimal, i.e. a hanful and not a big amount. Which would confirm that the ambulance service does not have available vehicles to carry out such a task.

I will be making comments on some of the webpages whose hyperlinks have been given at the Mental Health Forum, in my own intelligent way with accuracy not unlike that of an MI5 proof reader, but you know I am only playing a part. It surprises me that the people that say this to us the public at their websites overlook things that to me are in plain view as though emphasied in bold text. So I will be commenting on this to see if in any way it is helpful. Albeit not to change law but to change people in Governement's thoughts concerning it.

I am currently working on some scripts about court dialogue, about the same with supernatural content by my MI5 agent CPA Process and an CIA agent Ampage Watts, and I am in the process of completing a 37 scene doth called Doth - At The Loch 1, which will be uploaded here in a few weeks.

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