Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Casting My Bread (Cont'd) Tuesday 5th April 2011 Post 1

The police have asked me to give you an update concerning what the current situation is between the NHS and myself and perhaps a hanful of others in the Edmonton areas. The Citizens Advice Bureau has sent a letter to them asking for me to be separated from that community as was the case immediately before I met Anselem, and for 9 years previously. We are currently awaiting their confirmation that they will do this, at the same time as our Prime Minister has said that the NHS is listening for information and feedback (words mine) from the public concerning his new changes. It is logical that this must include to the Mental Health law.

For the last two nights I have been attempting to copy and paste a gothic type window from one picture file to another, which is at an angle so has curved and a slightly pointed section. There is no facility in the Paint.Net program to draw a curved line accurately to allign with it. I have tried doing it with a circle, the circle select, and by drawing a curved line. After trying this for two days, I realised last night that it can be easily done by filling in the base picture section, then copying the window and a color surround on top of it on a layer, then by deleting the color surround. I am expecting the window to appear in the base surround, i.e. a wall, as to fit it accurately.

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