Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Use of Pictures

In Doth - At The Loch 1 which I uploaded here some time ago, I made use of a photograph of Urquhart Castle for which I asked permission. Also, again with permission, another photograph was used a little. It has been on my mind since then, on and off, that I said to both people whose photographs they are, that I would use their photos in these doths, and I have not done so yet.

The reason for this is because the script of Doth - At The Loch 2 is still being written, and I have left off it for a while to write and complete Scottish Salmon, with a doth of it also being done as a slightly different story.

When I get around to working on Doth - At The Loch 2 again I will be setting some of my scenes at the castle using the photographs that I have permission to use.

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