Wednesday, 11 March 2009

11th March 2009?

I have been wondering if I should blog, like others do. Or shall I remain silent? I had a medical check today in Highgate (formerly it was Marelebone) - which is good - and the corporate and emergency service vehicles were all over me, not however with their sirens on as I confronted the first of them, which decided not to turn into my street. I was led to an earth bonding site by a man in the shop, I did not of course have to go to it, and during that process words came to me that I had also been thinking about. All had been silent for about an hour and a half such that one would hear a pin drop. The words were: "You can do this on the fly, but so can I." As I thought this and was about to come here and write it, an emergency vehicle siren went off. The area is Southgate.

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