Saturday, 28 March 2009

5 minutes later

It is coming yes, little black box? The cause is growing, there are a considerable amount of other people that are thinking like those that began it, and which we have taken up as our own. We cannot be the only ones that have photographs and video clips and sound recordings of those negative people that interact with us on a negative circuit. A hostile one. People that see us using the many available props * may not know what we are doing only that it is some type of street act, but we only need to be explaining it to a few for the cause to grow. I have wondered if that magazine is a local one and not a country-wide one, but logic tells me that it must be the latter. For at one time we were plagiarised by everyone.

At least we have peace and quiet back at the place when we fire up. That loud noise that goes past our houses on the back road just before the 6 pm news starts is an unmarked CID car. Noise that is intened to inform ordinary people that a car is coming fast, so they don't walk out to cross the road between parked cars. I sometimes think that it is remnded me that I ought to watch the news, or that something on it is relevent to them.

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