Saturday, 28 March 2009


And of course physically. There must be people that have been using their camera phones in the street, but how many of them have captured these dudes on film? We have to capture them so that we can it for our stories.
It is illegal to impersonate a police officer or an intelligence officer.
Shall we assume that these vehicles have puncture proof tyres, and therefore a blow out could not result in their speed taking them onto the pavements?
Shall we assume that they become extremely fearful, or otherwise forgetful, when they get boxed in by civilian cars at the traffic lights?
When a spook approaches one of them.

This is a short film, and this is where we will begin.

But not necessarily the next one.

I am greatly bolstered up by having found that the ambulance drivers have been told by their supervisor Peter Bradley to keep their doors locked. With the exception of the nitrous oxide one. Parked in the mall where al the people are to attend to a man that had been taken ill. The same man, yes?

That man is me isn't it Jack?

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