Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Apple Stall

I had to walk by The Apple Stall this morning, where there is a fork lift truck (I have driven one of them, as well as a much bigger one). There was no way of avoiding it without turning back. So I continued until a pa system (public address over a loudspeaker) went off and I stopped to look at some items on one of the stalls. There was a woman there using a vacuum cleaner which reminded me of something else. Then the man came which drives the fork lift truck, doing his thing. Point blank range was pretty good, and it fired me up. Then I came here by minicab to upload my files for all of my fans to see. The supervisor at that indoor market has asked me not to use the camera there without his permission in writing or he will call the police, so I am going to have to do it on the fly. I only need a few photos and a few clips other than what I have already got. I have a story in mind, it has to be made now. It features my character Incoming Data who I am going to send to the mall to try and get in.

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