Saturday, 1 May 2010

Post 2

a beat
"Just keep trying Ir." Said Seeth. "I have done that once or twice myself. On the second time we went back in and had another drink."
(a beat)
"Two times in particular I can think of, no three times but the third time the error was mine. I asked to meet but did not get any number. Two times I had asked them to ack for me, knoweth, and they said they would. As they appeared able to. But one time perhaps more were asking for a date. I have forgotten what I was going to say. But I was going to say that if you are thinking of things to say on a blog on Saturday morning you ought to. Not all were at pubs. Anyway . . . It is Saturday morning, I am tired having had no sleep, and I have chucked out some stuff that has been piled up at the place for more than a year." I said.

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