Saturday, 1 May 2010

Post 3

"And will I see this on the tv if I leave it on all the time like other people do who like to watch it. Indeed I myself once could before it started when doing so became difficult, and near-impossible. The amount of people, well a few, who have told me that they don't watch it, or they don't watch the news, makes me feel that I am not the only one. Surely there are better things to do than it, as I again recall a new quilt advertisement next to a counter one, after drawing and coloring in quilts and blankets. Blankets is obvious if I can get other words to go with it, but quilts has become Mr Quivers who is one of your customers. A quiver is an arrow, some people think it is the bag worn on the back that the arrows are in. And he is able to fire two of them through the holes that are in the `and' symbol." I said.
(a beat)
"That is very accurate Ir." Said Seeth. "From what distance would that be?"

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